How To Tell A Good Price?

  1. I'm confused about how to judge what is a good price for a bag. I realize the condition is a big factor, but generally how do you tell? Is there a certain percentage all LVs can be expected to depreciate by? Are there some that retain their value much better?
  2. I always check ebay sales to see what a particular bag is going for. But, unless it is a discontinued item, I think most people want 20-30% off list to buy a used bag -- even in the nicest condition. Otherwise, it seems better to get it new from the boutique.
  3. Another factor might be if a colour /style was discontinued (hard to get) and yes the condition of the bag....
  4. Condition of the bag, and just like the general "market value". Some lines don't hold their values as well, and older models also sell for less just because they may not be as desired.
  5. Yup. Some bags are in pristine condition but sell much less than you'd expect them to.
  6. a lot of it depends on the availability of a bag, especially discontinued LEs and seasonals. if it's used, it depends on the aforementioned, but also the condition of the bag/item. a lot of times, on ebay, you can get an awesome deal (for their regular items), but sometimes, you end up paying a lot more (for discontinued LEs and seasonals).