How to tell a fake

  1. Hi- I am new to this forum. My normal hangout is with Gucci. But I'm really starting to like Ferragamo. I've been to the outlet in Woodbury Commons and picked a bangle bracelet. I also picked up a pair of vintage suede flats with the bow for 12 dollars. They didn't have a clue who Salvatore Ferragamo was. Anyway in my search for bags (eBay, etsy, bonanzle) I've seen a huge range of prices from anywhere from 10 to 1000 dollars. But I can't tell what to look for in determining whether or not the bag is fake. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!:biggrin:
  2. Salvatore Ferragamo is a Premium Designer Label on the same tier as Gucci. As with all Premium Designer Labels, there are alot of counterfeits & replicas. I a quite shocked about your remark "They didn't have a clue who Salvatore Ferragamo was". Salvatore Ferragamo happen to be one of the Popular Designer Labels on Hollywood Stars' List, Many are seen gracing the Red Carpet wearing Ferragamo. The Bow is Ferragamo Iconic Signature Style. Since you are starting to like Ferragamo, you should start visiting their Flagship Stores, not just Outlet Store like Woodbury Commons. Definitely not Unsecure Online Platforms like eBay, Etsy or Bonanzle, Caveat Emptor rules applies. Ferragamo Items pricing start from minimum few hundreds & above.

    If you wish to know more about Salvatore Ferragamo, please visit Ferragamo 101.

    Nobody will tell you how to tell a Fake from the Real Deal right here. If you need to Authenticate any Ferragamo Items, please post it in Authenticate this Ferragamo #1 , kindly follow the format provided, this is a value added service provided by our fellow TPFers out of goodwill. Just my personal sharing & perspective, The price can usually more or less determine What is REAL?, What is FAKE?, you can't be paying $100 to buy a Brand New Designer Bag that cost a Few Grands, even a preowned piece would cost more than that. So be logical, there is no such good deal. Ask the seller questions when in doubt, request for more pictures if you need to, ask for proof of purchase, authenticity cards, tags & dustbag, check out the bag personally. There is no such thing as Factory Overrun for Premium Designer Labels neither what Private Bag Party Sale at some residential home. These are just basic in buying anything, only buy if you are comfortable with seller be it online platform or Resale Store. To avoid or eliminate any chances of getting Fake, Buy only from Salvatore Ferragamo Stores or Reputable Stores like Neiman Marcus, Barney's, Nordstrom's etc.

    Do not be greedy so you will not be fooled by Phony Good Deal, "What you pay is what you get, you pay peanut, you get monkey." When you buy more, use more, see more of a particular Designer Label Apparel, more or less you can tell a difference between Fake & the Real Deal even by your guts feeling. Just a personal remark of non-vicarious liability.
  3. Thank you- Yes actually the girl at the consignment shop where i picked up the flats didn't have a clue. She was probably about 20. While not trying to offend her she was goth so I can't even imagine her being slightly interested in such things. I imagine her designer knowledge only goes as far as Gucci, LV, Chanel, and Prada and thats ok, everyone is different. As for Woodbury Commons that is the closest store I have to me and even that is seven hours away. I won't think twice about ordering a new bag from the website if I like it. But I'm talking more about vintage. The bags that are sitting in grandma's closet. The ones that may not have all the paperwork or dustbags. The ones that are 30 years old. As with all other designer bags, there has to be tell tale signs, like materials, fonts on labels, the hardware, the lining, serial numbers etc. I certainly don't want to risk buying something only for the TPFers to tell me it's fake and I really don't have the luxury of getting to see it in person. I want to go into a transaction with a bit of knowledge, at the very least. The only reason I know the shoes are real is because I wore them to Woodbury and while the SA couldn't give me a 100% assurance that the shoes were real and tell me (because thats not her job and they are told not to do such things), I got the smile and the nod. I do visit the authenticate it portion of the forum. But instead of just waiting and waiting (this forum seems to have low traffic) I figured I would just cut to the chase and ask the direct question.- Thank you for your time, I'll keep lurking.
  4. The reason we do not give details on spotting a fake is because the counterfeiters monitor forums like this. They could take that knowledge and use it to their benefit.

    Sorry, this forum is low traffic and we do not have a regular authenticator(s), especially for vintage items.
  5. This Forum is slow traffic because it is new morever Salvatore Ferragamo is not in the Affordable Range so not everyone has the luxury of owning one. Vintage pieces even harder to Authenticate, as just like Hermes, LV, Gucci, Prada, decades ago there are already Counterfeiters. Be it new or vintage piece, you bring to Ferragamo Store, they will not authenticate anything for you, even if they do they can't give 100% Assurance. If you require 100% Assurance, you should seek Professional Handbag Authentication Service where charges applies, i do know they authenticate LV, Hermes, Prada, Gucci, they probably do for Ferragamo too but it will probably cost about $50 or more. Personally i don't see a need to go through such a hassle for $12 vintage shoe, since you like it just wear it.

    Yes, true indeed. I would like to add on, Even in authenticating an item, Verdict will be "Real" or "Fake", details will not be given. All advices are given out of goodwill, kindly understand we are not professional but we are trying to help with our own knowledge. We Do Not give 100% Assurance or whatsoever.

    For Regular Items we already short of Regular Authenticator(s), for vintage it is even lesser people with such knowledge. Anyway as i stated earlier, this Forum is quite New, need time to grow eventhough Salvatore Ferragamo is an Age Old Premium Designer Label.
  6. thanks for the tips!