How to take your Birkin to the spa?

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  1. This may sound silly, but I purchased a birkin from a reseller that is in dire need of a spa treatment. The wax is try and the gold hardware needs some polishing.

    Do I just go into any Hermes boutique and tell the SA I need "this and that" done for the bag? Do I bring the dustbag as well as my clochette, lock and keys?

    Any good details of your own experiences would be appreciated, along w/ prices, paperwork, and how long you had to wait for a similar spa treatment. Can they also ship the bag to your home once it's done?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. How close are you to a Hermes? I am asking this because if you are not right next door to one, you could call BH or NY and ask if you can send one of them the bag. Im sure they will give you the estimate but a general conditioning is about 100$US.
    Yes, send the dust cover, they like to have that and I leave the lock and clochette with the bag. But, I don't know what they would request over the phone for a bag being shipped.
  3. In october 07 I bought a used birkin and took it to the boutique for authentification. The clochette hanger was damaged, the leather was opening in one side, and the bag smelled to cigarette so I left it for a spa treatment, with clochette, lock,keys...
    They did it in around 6 weeks, and made a new clochette hanger. It costed 115 euro.
  4. I think I need to change H boutiques, clearly Claravi, you have an amazing store that gives you great treatment. :yes:
  5. i took mine 2 weeks ago in paris, i just walked in told them i wanted it treated and i was given an estimated time of about 6-8 weeks i think and they told me i would be charged 145 euro
  6. I took mine to the H Store in Singapore at the beginning of this year, and told them my bag needs refurbishing.

    The SA asked the age of my bag, kept the Dustbag that I brought along with the bag, but returned me my Clochette, Lock/Keys. They then informed me that only the exterior of the bag will be cleaned and it will take 3-4 weeks (we have a local craftsman in our store)
    If I rememeber correctly, I think it costs around USD200/-.
  7. I live near the San Francisco boutique,about an hour drive, so I'll give them a call and stop by hopefully sometime this month.
  8. Does anyone from Oz know if they have a cleaner/conditioner person in the Sydney store, I want to get my vintage croc cleaned but I don't want it to go to Paris and take 6 months.
  9. Maybe I should just ring up tomorrow and ask..doh!
  10. I actually took my vintage croc into the store yesterday as I had noticed that some of the stitching has come away from the side of the handle. The lady took it out the back to show the store manager and leather person and when she came back she said that it would have to be sent to Paris to be repaired and would take 6 months.
    She that that they thought the bag and the comb and mirror were gorgeous.

    I am going to enjoy my bag for another 6 months or so and then send her off.

    One question I have though is my husband and I will be travelling oversear middle of next year and will be a few days in Paris. Are you able to drop the bag off yourself to them for spa treatment and if so will they send back to Sydney and would it make it quicker?

    They had the most stunning braise croc with PH and in a size 28 (AU$33,000) and the SA let me pet her, with gloves of course and the 2 bags side by side looked amazing. They make them exactly the same as they did 46 years ago!
  11. Suzie, I would have your store confirm that if you drop it off in Paris, they guarantee that they will post it out of their country when the repairs are finished. I have a vintage croc and asked the same thing, can I drop it off when I travel to Fr. and was told that Paris would accept the bag, but might not send it back because I did not have 'paperwork' Cities, H store receipt. She said it was quite possible I would get a letter letting me know my bag was finished, and come and pick it up.:wtf: :Push:
  12. ^ Thanks Encore Hermes, it would be a long way to go to pick it up..I do have a CITES though, would that help?

    Have you had yours done by the way?

    There was a thread someone from another lady in Europe and she had hers done and it looked fabulous.
  13. I think this is the average treatment:yes:
  14. And you don't need to bring it with the dust cover. I brought mine without and always no problem, but they never keep the clochette unless it needs to be repaired.
  15. I was talking about the low cost, but I would hope it would be normal treatment. :yes: