How to take photos of inside of bag?

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  1. I basically want to take a photo of the serial number hologram sticker of my vintage double flap. I see it. It's in there. When I use a flashlight I can see all the numbers with my naked eye. I have astigmatism so I am a but confused with some of the middle numbers (is it a 2 or a 0 or a 5, lol). That's why I wanted to photograph it so I can zoom in to see better.

    I tried putting my iPhone in there and taking shots and it's hilarious. Looks like a fuzzy haze of burgundy.

    I tried it with flash and got close to a good photo but all I see is the sticker hologram and no numbers. Lol.

    How do those online vendors do it?

    Any tips for me? I don't have access to a proper digital camera so I'll just be working from my iPhone. Lol. This is just for my reference anyway.. I just want to jot the number down for kicks.

    Or any tips on how to see the numbers better? My bag is a small size so yeah it's hard to get in there. I wish I had a magnifying glass around!
  2. Going on a whim here, but have you looked at any apps that takes excellent pictures in a small space? There seems to be an app for almost everything these days. :graucho:

    If not, could you go to an electronic store and ask if they could help take a picture for you? Are you reselling your bag, etc?
  3. No I am not reselling ever. This is from my mom and I plan to pass it on to my daughter one day!

    I just wanted to keep the serial number on file so I wanted to see it! I can't see it clearly (the middle numbers are fuzzy to me) so I thought that taking a photo can let me see it better.

    No I haven't checked the apps! I will try the appstore and see if they have a macro camera app or something.. Thank you for your suggestion!
  4. I'd suggest using the iPhone as a flashlight and then taking the actual pic with your digital camera. By moving the iPhone around you will see how its position changes what you can see of the serial number and then focus and take a pic of the number once the ideal position is found.
  5. With a flashlight and camera on "Macro" setting.
  6. I think you'll need a camera. Set on Macro. Then I put the handbag on my knee up against a window & position the Serial # with direct sunlight on it. I get a good picture every time. HTH! I do sell quite a lot on the Bay so I had to figure it out!
  7. I put my phone camera in the bag, with flash on. It worked.
  8. I take the picture with flash, but not too close. Then I zoom in edit and crop so you can see the numbers better:smile:

  9. +1

    Most important let the 'light' source into interior bag dont blocking shadow from your hands or camera

    Use normal torch direct to serial number area in order the camera pick up properly 'focus' area

    Instead using auto flash upon snapping cos itself lens camera cant pick up focus in darkness prior shutter

    iPhone or Samsung should be OK (depend how its lens able to close object)
    Small point shoot camera should turn on 'macro' setting

  10. I am going to make this my mission today! (Well, after doing all my house errands) I will try all your advice and ask my husband to help hold up a separate flashlight while I use my phone to take the photo! Hopefully I can get it with just my iphone (and a separate flashlight).

    If it doesnt work then I need to dig out my old regular digital camera and charge it and use that! Haha!


    Someone also private messaged me some tips and I am quite excited to try it out! Thanks again!

    EDIT: I tried to multiquote you all but messed up so sorry I was not able to quote!!! :lol: (I am so bad at tech stuff!! HA!)