how to take care of VERNIS?

  1. Hi. I'm planning to buy a VERNIS ZIPPY WALLET but having second thoughts :confused1: because of it's shiny surface. For some strange reason, I feel that it is more prone to scratches. Any tips on how to take care of VERNIS?

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Actually, it's not too prone to scratch. You just have to worry about the color transfer. However, if you buy dark color, it's less likely to transfer.
  3. Unless you're scraping your keys against it or rubbing it against stucco, it should be fine. I have a few bags and some smaller Vernis pieces and all of mine are still perfect. The Vernis material is tougher than it looks. :yes:
  4. Doubt there will be scratches. I have a vernis Keyholder for about 3 weeks and its still good as new.. like what Meeju said, just be careful of color transfer.
  5. What color do you plan on getting?

    The Vernis is more prone to color transfer than it is to scratching. i've got a Peppermint Ludlow that has some red color transfer on it :sad:
  6. If it's a small accessory, I'd actually suggest keeping it in the dustbag in your bag, that way none of the other leathers or fabrics that bleed will rub off on your bag. This is what I do now with my Ludlow to prevent further color transfer
  7. I have a framboise flat pouch that I've been using for the past 7 months as my everyday coin purse. It goes inside my bag with wallets, cellphone, pouch, pens and sometimes with my keys. It hasnt been scratched one bit so I say the vernis is a lot more durable than it looks. Probably get something in a darker color so you wouldnt have to worry about color transfer.

  8. :tup:
  9. It will be fine!! Enjoy!
  10. Thanks everyone, it's great to know from LV "experts" what to expect from Vernis :tup:. I'm planning to get it in AMARANTE, still have to save for it though :girlsigh:. I have a red EPI billfold that I have been using for more than 5 years and I think it's time for me to retire it :idea:
  11. I never really take special care of my vernis but I do take everything out of my vernis wallet as soon as I get home, empty it and store it in the dust bag.
  12. ive got the zippy wallet in raspberry..its now 6months old, i use it almost everyday & stil looks shiny, no scratch! just clean it wit the dustbag once in a while & u should b fine wit ur vernis;)
  13. the vernis is actually rather durable, I have a vernis cles in the pomme that I have been using none stop since Feb. I havent had any issues with it and i'm by far not gentle with it. It gets tossed in my bag, chair/table you name it.
    Like others have said, I think your only issue is if you're getting a light color.
  14. My Pomme Flat Envelope Plate looks Perfect even after using it for 5 weeks. My Beige Thompson Street, though, is very prone to color transfer.