How to take care of Vernis items?

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  1. What are the do's and dont's for Vernis items? For light and dark colors? For purses and SLGs? TIA!!
  2. the ONLY thing you really have to worry about is color transfer on lighter colors. Just do not set it on a magazine or newspaper. And keep pens or any ink far far away.

    I have lots of vernis and they all still look perfect many years later
  3. Pens are okay as long as they're inside the bag with the top on, right?
  4. And how about setting it on regular paper? Like binder paper or computer printed documents?
  5. For light colors vernis, I wouldn't suggest you put it on top of any printed materials as I'm worry about toner ink transfer. Dark jeans are also the culprit to color transfer. As for dark vernis, the only think I worry about is the fingerprints or scratching. It will be very obvious. Don't put it under sunlight as the color will fade or turn yellowish. If you're driving, put a coat over your bag.

  6. Yes that would be okay
  7. Dark color vernis is VERY easy to care for it is just the lighter colors that you have to be careful of. Just like any material. The same thing goes for leather. So don't be scared off from Vernis.
  8. Thanks so much! I really want the Rose Florentin Alma PM and I'm going to go for it! I'm also thinking of getting an Amarante Sarah wallet, would it be okay putting it inside the Alma?