How to take care of Nikki?

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  1. I know that there is a thread out there somewhere. The card says to use a weatherproofing spray on the bag. Which one is recommended by my fellow Purse Forum devotees?
  2. My Double Cream Nikki has been treated with the Apple Conditioner and the Rain & Stain spray.

    I used the spray on my Light Grey Matinee as well, but didn't condition it first.
  3. Thank you!!
  4. I used Wilson's leather protector and it happened to rain the next day. My Iris Nikki stayed perfect and the rain marks dried right up without leaving any stains.
  5. I did not have good results with Wilson's leather protector. It darkened the leather and made it feel greasy. I switched to the Apple and have been very pleased with the results! It didn't feel sticky and didn't change the color at all. I even had a glass of merlot spilled on it, and was able to wipe it off with no staining. After that, I would never use anything but Apple again!
  6. What kind of product is everyone using on their sea green nikkis :graucho: