How to take care of nappa bags?

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  1. I bought a nappa bag which is soft and delicate. However, the nappa skin is so delicate that it is easily subject to "damage" or deterioration after having in touch with the jeans. I need your help how to restore the nappa bag and maintain it.
  2. I don't think nappa is that delicate, is it? Did you talk to an SA about it?
  3. same thooughts as kiss_p. Which bag did you buy?
  4. This is the nappa bag I bought. The edge of the bag can be easily in touch with my jeans. The fiction makes the edge lost its original color and the edge became white in color. I am very frustrated about this and decided not to take the bag when wearing jeans. Poor me!

    Anyone having similar experience as mine? Can anyone share with me how to resolve my problem?

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