How To Take Care of Hardware?


Jan 17, 2006
My mom is obsessed with scratching the hardware on bags. She told me that a friend of hers had told her to put clear nail polish on it and then the hardware will be scratchless forever. Has anyone else heard of this/does it work? What other methods are there to prevent hardware from scratching?
Won't it keep chipping though? Whenever I get manicures with clear polish it usually lasts a week. It sounds like a good idea, but I'm afraid I'll be reapplying the polish every week. I hate the scatches too, sometimes I keep the little plastic covers on the hardware until they wear off.
shu said:
Yeah, my mom told me to keep the plastic on, but I hate doing that because it looks weird using the bag with the original packaging still on it.

:amazed: oh no. :weird: enjoy your designer handbag. just take care of it. be aware of your surroundings and keep it away from bad weather ie: rain, snow. all handbags come with care instructions. if you follow them and somthing still happens, take it back to the store. after all, it is an investment. plus you will look amazing using it without the packaging.

but then again......we must do what is best for us.
I think no matter what, hardware will get scratched with regular use. I doubt anyone will notice the scratches but you. The gold playing on my Chanel purses is already wearing off and I haven't had any of them more than 3 years!
Haha my Prada has been through rain and snow! I love it!! It's the gold plating that always gets me (i.e. LV). I don't like the S-Lock at all since I find it hard to open/close, but I loved the Shirley so much, I had to get it!!

I'm NOT using it with the plastic thing still on the closure though!
This is reminding me of putting plastic on the couch.

If you carry your bag responsibly then your hardware should look perfect forever. Hardware will only look used if you bang it up against shopping carts, your keys, etc. If you carry your bag carefully there would be no reason to apply nail polish to it; or heaven forbid, keep the plastic on it.
I have become neurotic to the point of making myself insane about scratches on my shiny buckles. I have heard that 0000 steel wool aka "four aught" steel wool is used in auto body work to shine chrome but I am afraid...if they get really bad (I have a coach) is there a place I can send it to get polished for a fee?
Actually I did try the steel wool on some hardware on a "throw away bag" with metal hardware and it DID take out EVERY scratch. At first it looked like a lost cause and it was making it worse, but, it did work shiny parts started coming through and now it is mirror finish on both clasps. I never would have done this without checking it out on something in expensive first but really worked.
I used clear nail polish. It’s so easy to dab it on the end of the turnlock and let it sit. It dries completely shiny and you can’t tell. If you scratch it, simply wipe off with a bit of remover on a cotton ball and reapply. This way you’ll never have scratches. Pic with fresh coat applied to emdnof turnlock. I don’t bother on the Cs as they don’t touch things as easily. The turnlock takes all the brunt.
Note the pink tinge on the turnlock isn’t the polish. It’s reflection of the ceiling (weird colour I know. I’m in India right now).

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