How to take care of colour-treated hair before & after swimming?

  1. I've avoided swimming in a chlorinated pool for oh, about 4-5 years now because my hair is always highlighted. It's naturally very dark brown, but I have dark-blonde/lighter brown highlights in it right now and I have to swim in a triathlon. I'm scared that my hair will turn green. My hairdresser recommended 2 products by Joico called Phine & Resolve, but when I went shopping, I could only find a chelating shampoo from Joico and an intensive masque, which were sold as a set. Apparently they replaced Phine & Resolve or something. Has anyone tried this stuff (the newer products)? Any other suggestions?
  2. I have never tried these products. Do you use them after swimming? I was just getting ready to post a message similar to this. I am going swimming this afternoon and I just had my hair highlighted and lowlighted three days ago. Should I put in a leave in, while swimming? Should I avoid getting my hair wet all together? Did your hairdresser have any advice for that? My hairdresser is out of town. Not really sure what I should do. Any ideas? :confused1: I really do not want green color.
    ^All about protecting your hair when swimming in a chlorenated pool, although I gather you're swimming in the ocean for your triathalon, but who knows, the info may apply for both.

    Perhaps a swim cap if you don't mind the way it looks.
  4. Make sure it is wet before you swim, or put leave in conditioner in, both is best, then immediately after, a stripping shampoo and deep conditioner. Your best bet is to call your stylist back,though, and ask her for a different prescription, because she has felt your hair and knows it best.