How to take care of bags with suede material?

  1. Is there anything I can do to maintain the nice suede material on my Coach bag?
  2. Which color? I have the Bordeux Ergo Tote and the first time I had wore it I got a black scuff on it. I was so upset. Surprisingly the scuff came off. I guess because the suede is pretreated by Coach. My SA gave me a suede cleaner as well. It looks sort of like and eraser and a little brush. I also have the Multi-color Ergo Hobo. It's the one with the suede and velvet. The side that faces my body got dirty. It must be from the coloring of my clothes. I'm not concerned about it though since no one can see it.

    On a side not: My friend told me about these bag holders that can attach to a table (like if your at a restaurant) and you can hang your bag on it so it doesn't touch the floor. I thought they were kinda cool!!
  3. Thanks. Mine's the Bordeaux too.
    How does the bag holders look like? Personally I prefer to put my bag on my lap (if it's not too big and heavy) when I'm dining.
  4. I've also heard if suede gets wet, wait until it dries then brush it. Supposedly, it looks good as new. I've had only one Coach with any suede on it & I'm just entirely too messy!:p I didn't hear about brushing after water until it was too late!:girlsigh: