How to surprise DH with babies sex??

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  1. My DH is in the Air Force and they are sending him for training for 4 months. I'll be finding out the sex in the next month and I've been trying to find fun and creative ways to surprise him. I can always mail something to his hotel.

    I looked at build-a-bear online and I can send him one, but its premade. I kinda wanted to build it myself online and then have them ship it. I thought it would be cool because then the bears could be the kids's when they are born. But, I dont have a store near me, so that option is out.

    I also had a friend that baked a cake and used food coloring to make the cake blue and she frosted it white so that he had to cut it open to find out. But I dont think it will make it throught the mail in decent condition.

    I thought about calling the hotel to see if they would fill his suite with balloons and possibly make a cake there, does anybody think they would be willing to doing this for a fee? Its a Marriot, so its not a dive. Ive just never heard of it being done.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! I tried searching for another thread on this, but I didnt see one. Only one on telling him you were pregnant, but not with ideas about telling him the sex.

    TIA ladies!!
  2. send him a a really nice framed picture of you in either a blue or pink shirt.
    send him some chocolates or cookies with or without nuts [sorry, but i think it's kinda funny :biggrin: ]

    having a brain fart and i can't think of anything else right now...i'll post more when the fog lifts..hehe
  3. ^ You are hilarious!!!! :smile:
  4. Nuts or no nuts - love it!

    I think the hotel would probably do about anything you asked, but it'll cost you at least twice what it would to do something yourself.

    Is he in the US?

    What about a pink or blue cookie bouquet? Or if he's a cake guy, Nothing Bundt Cakes is fantastic - and they ship all over the US. (I used to get their cakes for lots of things when I lived in Las Vegas, and also have had them shipped.) Either of those would be something he could share with the other guys. Or you could always do something simple like the ultrasound picture in a pink or blue frame, maybe with pink or blue socks, hat, outfit saying "Daddy's Little (something)", etc.

    I'm sure he'll love whatever you do for him!!!