How to style this Alice & Olivia gown?

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  1. I recently bought this gown for a friend's wedding. I love it but I'm really stuck when it comes to styling it.

    I was thinking simple black sandals and a gold clutch with maybe some coloured gemstone earrings to give it a pop of colour as the wedding is in Spring and I think the dress might be too autumny without a touch of colour.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :smile:
  2. Turquoise earrings?

    I like the light gold tones with the plum, but I understand what you mean about it being Autumn-y. Btw it's a really beautiful dress!
  3. I love this dress! I also like the idea of turquoise earrings that the above poster suggested. I can't tell if this dress is a true eggplant purple but on my screen it's coming up a bit burgundy and my suggestion would be to try a silver clutch over a gold because the silver will pull out the cooler tones in the dress as opposed to gold which will highlight the warmer and appear a bit more autumnal to me. Also, try a nude shoe instead of a black. Black will weigh your look down. Nude, preferably without an ankle strap. Personally I think you can go wrong, whatever you do as the dress is stunning!
  4. Also, I must recommend this shoe-

    I actually used to be a wedding stylist and I put people in this shoe all the time because they're super comfortable and look much more expensive than they appear in these photos. If you live near a store that sells these, definitely try them. I have put countless bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, and wedding guests in these shoes and received nothing but raves.
  5. I personally would style this dress with gold tones I think it would look the best that way :smile:
  6. I like your idea!
  7. I also like the turquoise idea. It is brilliant!

    Light gold (not brassy gold) or nude is how I would go too.
  8. I'd some nice strappy sandals in gold like other users have mentioned!
  9. Pearl studs and a simple clutch, no bracelets, delicate rings ok.
  10. Long slim drop gold earrings. No bracelets. 1-2 small rings. Black or gold clutch and shoes. Keep it simple. Hair up.
  11. Beautiful gown! I agree with the suggestion to wear turquoise earrings. I think a strappy bronze sandal similar to this style would look amazing!

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