How to straighten hair and good products

  1. Help!
    Can anyone tell me how you guys straightenen your hair and what products you use like heat protector,humidity serum,shine serum?I airdry my hair and it doesn't come out that great when i straighten my hair any tips or good products i can use.I have wavy hair.
  2. first make sure you have a good quality straightener. it makes it easier to straighten hair and is much better for your hair.

    i don't like putting a lot of products in my hair because my hair gets oily easily.

    i clip up most of my hair so that a thin bottom layer is down , straighten it, then unclip and let more hair down... straighten that... and repeat until the hair is straight.

    afterwards i might use some cream or some sort to polish it off because my hair tends to get static-y after i straighten
  3. I love the S Factor products by Tigi. I use the Shine Drops on damp hair. Once dry I use the Flat Iron spray and then flat iron it the same way ILuvShopping described. I have fine, wavy/frizzy hair and live in a very humid state and this works like a charm for me. If you don't have a good flat iron though, nothing will work. I have a Chi and love it but I know a lot of people have others that are great too.
  4. I use a pea sized amount of this stuff called ''straight sexy hair'' straightening comes in a tube. I evenly distribute it through my hair..and when my hair is almost 100% dry I use my turbo chi flat iron. After I'm done I use Biosilk to gloss up my hair.
  5. My hairdresser showed me a trick - she holds the hair taut before passing the straightener through. I have to use gloves to hold my hair because it gets so hot! Or you can use a fine tooth comb.
  6. My hair is long, thick, coarse, and CURLY... so straightening it can be a b*tch! When it's still wet, I wring it out then clip it into four sections. I slather on Straight Out cream by Joico, then go to town with my ionic/ceramic blow dryer, using the straightening diffuser attachment and a large barrel brush. When all the sections are dry, I brush them together and give my hair a final once-over on the "cool" setting. Once I'm finished, I slick on a light layer of glossing serum. (Favorite is Oscar Blandi Olio di Jasmine or Biosilk Silk Drops.)
  7. i dont know where you're from...but i know that mario tricoci is exclusive to the mid-west. i use something called "radiant spray" that i buy there and i spray it all over dry hair and comb through. then i use a comb and comb a section, run the straightener over it, then comb after.
  8. I just have to say, that the Hai Stick straightener, is the best straightener I have ever used.

    It is what my stylist uses on my hair. It heats up instantly. I'm serious. 10 seconds and it's so hot you can use it on your hair.

    It does a GREAT job straightening, and it's shaped round like a curling iron, so you can use it as a curling iron, too.

    It's not SUPER expensive (I got mine online for about $75) and I use it almost every day. It's amazing.
  9. I've used Vital Sasoon and Babyliss straighteners before and nothing compared to a GHD straightner. The best i've ever used!!!!! Better than the ionic hair straightening from the hairdressers as well.
    The texture is still smooth and healthy due to the ceramic plates, which doesn't damage the hair. It also heats up fast and easy to use and very quick. I have wavy thick hair and it takes me 10 mins to straighten my hair.
    A bit more expensive than a regular straightener but i great investment. MOst of the top salons use this straightener in Australia.
  10. i agree. ghd is an excellent investment. i cant say enough good things about it :smile:
  11. I have thick wavy hair and I just have a cheap 1" flat iron from Target (Remington maybe? It's ceramic and it gets very hot). I do my hair in sections starting with the bottom layer. It always comes out pin straight and I only have to do it every few days.

    The best straightening product I've tried is Matrix sleek.look lite styling cream. It doesn't smell very good, but it works really well. I have a hard time with frizzies and it really locks the moisture out!
  12. I have a GHD,i use a heat spray by tigi.But after i'm done straightening my hair it gets all frizzy!I hate it.That's why i was asking what are some heat protectors and what products so i can add shine and make the frizzies go away.
  13. So do i.What products to do you use with the GHD heat protectors?And what else?
  14. you definitely need a ceramic iron!!!
    only straightener that works for me!!!
    i use cooking oil in my hair...i pour about a quarter size amount in my whole hair..comb it through....then i use John Frieda's Wind Down® Relaxing Creme Extra-Strength Formula (for coarse textured hair) and straighten my hair.