How to store LV bags?

  1. How do you TPFers store your LV bags? I put my bags in the dustbag and then back into the box when I'm not using them, but a SA told me that storing the bag in the box is actually bad for the leather as it will cause it to crack. Has anyone heard this? Is it true that the box will dry out the leather? I'm not sure whether to believe him since he was out of boxes when I bought a bag and if this was just his excuse not to find a box for me.
  2. I let all of my bags stay out of both dustbag and boxes.
    Not just because I'm not "all over my bags" by not letting them stand on the floor and let it rain on them.
    But also because that when your bags aren't in dustbag and all, they get pantina faster. Of course, if you don't want pantina, you should at least let them get back in the dustbag ;D
  3. I usually stuff them with old pillowcases or tshirts and store them in my cupboard. I do worry about getting creases, but touch wood that hasn't happened. My daughter doesn't stuff hers or use a dustbag and they are all fine as well.
  4. Mine are always stored in their dustbags and stuffed with either old pillow cases or bubble wrap. I do not store them in the boxes since leather does need to "breathe."
  5. I store them stuffed in the dustbags and in the box.
  6. my bags are stuffed with bubble wrap, put in dust bag, LV box then in the closet they go.
  7. i just keep them in my closet, no dustbags, no box. the ones im using i keep on my coat rack in my room. i wish i cared more about them.
  8. they're all over my room LOL
    or i i don't use them in a long time, i'll put it in m closet OUT of the dustbag or box... i want them to get honey patina soon :yes:
  9. I stuff them with tissue paper so they don't get out of shape and store them in their dustbags.