How to stop transfer...

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  1. I recently dyed my argent part time giant 12 to black and everything came out amazing but I wore the bag to dinner on Saturday and my hands were black, I looked like a mechanic. It is coming from the strap. I realized halfway through dyeing the strap that I forgot to dye prep it. The rest of the bag has no transfer but the strap is bag. I spent an hour rubbing it down with a soft white cloth and it was black when I was done. I want to wear this bag as my workhorse bag and need to remedy this. I used Zeli top coat on it. Should I do another coat on the strap? If anyone has any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated :biggrin:
  2. BUMP- No one?
  3. Sorry, maybe you need to redo the subject to ask for help regarding dyeing Bal Bag to garner the attention of the gals here who have re-dyed? I initially thought your post was about getting color transfer on your purse (like from clothes) not dye on you from your dyed purse.
  4. Thanks. I realized that I wasn't clear about that lol
  5. Thanks for the help. Kerry is the one who helped me with this project and is super awesome. She told me all of the products to use and suggested zelikovits. Hopefully she will get back to me soon!
  6. Ahhh, good good, let us know how you make out!
  7. Yes, I did see it, although I had forgotten that you had already been in touch with Kerry, sorry...hope you find a solution to your handle dilemma!