How to stop the squeaking?? (pic inside)

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  1. Hi ladies, I just bought these Anne Klein shoes from Nordstrom... as you can see, the band consists on pieces of leather woven through one another. This causes a weird squeaking sound... which I would expect out of pleather but not real leather! Do you think this will eventually go away?

  2. that's really strange....
    i don't know! did you try asking the shoe people at Nordstrom? maybe they have an idea?
  3. Hi Intlset! LOL! When I saw the heading, I pictured a little baby Intlset walking around in those baby/toddler shoes that real have those squeaky things inside on purpose! :lol:

    Are you sure it's from the woven/threaded leather things and not from the soles? The soles look like they might cause some squeaking...
  4. I had a same problem...I bought a pair of Prada Sport sandal and it makes a strange sounds, squeaking, squeaking...., and the SA told me to put some baby powder under my feet, and it will go away. I tried n works little bit. But i just ignored the sounds, and as everybody told me that it will go away after a while, and i beleive that...

  5. lol AWW, how cute! LOL You're fantastic, minicoop! Get back to me in 10 years and we'll see abuot a little Intlset.

    I think it is from the woven leather thingies rubbing against each other but you're right, it could totally be the soles... the bottoms are leather, so maybe its the cork that's squeaking?

    It's kinda embarrassing. Imagine wearing these while browsing a quiet museum!
  6. I really do think it's from the soles, they look like they might do that. Have no idea how to fix it... Sorry, I am no help!
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