How To Stop The Coach Merry-Go-Round?

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  1. So.... I have my 5 Coach bags. When I want a different one, I have to sell one to fund the next due to limited funds. This system works really well for me and my DF. My issue is, I'm constantly changing them and feel like I'll never be happy with what I have. As soon as I get a new one I'm on the hunt for the next one. I haven't even used my new Sabrina yet and I'm already plotting which bag to sell next (not her!)

    Anyway, I just feel like I'm going to be doing this forever. Maybe that's ok, apparently I have an extremely short attention span when it comes to bags, after 3 or 4 uses I'm bored. I was like this even before I discovered Coach, but the bags were a lot cheaper then. I'd love to buy a bag and know I will never part with it, but every single one I have is always in danger of being next on the chopping block. I could wake up the next day and wonder why I ever liked it..soo incredibley fickle. I often wonder if I really love Coach bags, or if I love their resale value and the idea of them more than their actual styles. Although I've checked out many other brands and haven't found the one I'd never sell either. Am I alone? Any advice?

    A little insight to my name 'purse-cursed' :P
  2. Hi,
    You sound just like me!!!! LOL I buy one bag and use it a couple of times and then Coach likes to bring out a new bag that I like!!!! I should be selling a bag before I buy a new one, but I for the most part I don't. I think Coach likes presenting new bags every few weeks to keep us in the "hunting, gathering and hoarding cycle!!!"
    I need to be strong and just say "NO TO COACH!" (Also, being on TPF and the outlet getting FP deletes and coupons has fueled my addiction!!!)

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. Honestly? I actually sold all of my Coach a few months ago, logged off TPF and didn't check out any Coach for a GOOD long time. I left myself with nothing but diaper bags for DS. I also ended up with a GORGEOUS custom leather Tote, but otherwise no purses at all. During that time my mind kept coming back to one Coach bag that I'd owned, I could NOT get my mind off of it. Finally, I realized THAT was the Coach bag for me, and I've come back. I'm completely in love with the new Sophia as well. I'm actually surprised how much better my I am at saying no to certain bags after this break. It's really taught me what I love, and how to say NO!
  4. So true, great deals on eBay & Bonanzle don't help either!

    That's great the break helped you so much, I've been on tpf pretty much daily since I joined a year and half ago... but if I don't check it I'm afraid I'll miss something (yep, I sound like an addict!) Luckily I'm extremely picky, if I wasn't I'd be in big trouble.

    What is the Coach bag you couldn't get your mind off of??
  5. I was on the coach cycle from 2005-2007. Had about 20 bags at one time, most would only get used for a few weeks. I sold off most of the bags. Fell in love with the zoe last year, received 2 great bags for christmas 09 and decided to not buy any bags in 2010. Its hard sometimes but I've been using the bags I have. I still log onto the purse forum daily and enjoy looking at the reveals.
  6. I'm exactly the same way! I love my bags, but I feel I'm never satisfied. I still haven't snipped tags on my Hamptons flap, yet I'm trying to sell older bags to fund something new. I can't stop the want. I feel it's a sickness and I'm terminal :biggrin:

    I just keep wanting more and more and more but I find the "new" wears off rather quickly and then the cycle begins again. I'm only content for about 2 weeks or so between the "I wants".
  7. You'll get there!!! I still am on the Coach merry-go-round BUT I have found a few KEY pieces that will NEVER leave my collection!!!

    It took me awhile to find thise 'rare' beauties for the right price, but once you get them you'll never let them go!

    My advice?! QUIT CHASING THE DRAGON!!! You are most likely not ever going to feel the way you did when you got your 1st ever Coach bag that you were head over heels in love with. Also...QUIT CHASING the bag of the moment! It's hard when you're a member of TpF and see all these reveals and photo's of what's to come. At some point however you have to say to yourself "do I want this bag because everyone else is buying it right now or do I REALLY love this bag and think it would work for ME?!"

    I had alot of that going on!!! I finally got to the point where I bought what I liked, even if it was something from 2 seasons ago that I scored on the bay!

    My collection consists of between 20-25 bags with 95% of them being Coach. Two bags that come to mind that I'd NEVER get rid of? My black leather Chelsea Abbey, and my blk leather Julianne!!! Both are absolute classics that will NEVER go out of style!

    Stop and take a breather!!! What bag are you currently stalking?
  8. ^^^ Another thing that REALLY helped me chill on the Coach bag hunt was ACCESSORIES!!! When you think you need a "fix" go find yourself a FOB on ebay you've been eye balling...or maybe a new ponytail scarf to dress up a bag you're bored with. I started a FOB collection and ended up spending ALOT LESS $$$ and had one heck of a GOOD TIME stalking the rare one's! I just received the NYC PoPPy pink Apple leather FOB that's a new release and couldn't be HAPPIER!!!!

    What bags do you currently have in your rotation???
  9. i am the exact same way. i sell to fund. use once sometimes dont even get used i find another "better" one and it starts over. i wish i could stop. i had 18 bags at once im down to 4 just sold the 5th. i only use a few at a time but no matter how many i own i want so many others. i dont really know what to do to stop!.
  10. I've seen people post similar threads in the main bag/purse forum, it seems that there's a lot of people in the same cycle. Buying and selling to fund, and some are doing this with premium designer bags. Personally I think 5 bags is a good number and if the buying & selling is working out for you, maybe there's no problem?

    You don't say what bags you now have, so I'm just throwing this in. If this were my style, I would always try to trade up to better quality bags. Example: I'd replace the $400 bag with a $500 bag, not sell & buy similar quality bags. I'd branch out to other designers, and eventually I would have 5 TDF bags, that I would not care to sell, unless a very special bag came along.

  11. I also am on the Coach merry-go-round. Because there is so much variety it can be hard to be satisfied with what you have. The remedy for me would be to log off of TPF for good and stay out of the Coach outlet and boutique. I only had 2 Coach bags when I joined and have now gone through too many to remember or count. Since I don't intend to log off or stay out of Coach, I'll have to have more self control!:P
  12. I can relate and most recently have decided to only buy what I absolutely cannot live without. Meaning if I keep dreaming about the bag then that is a sign that I must get it. A perfect example is: When Sophia came out and I first saw them in Macys about 1 month ago and posted pics here "Sophia is at Macys" I fell in love and said I was going to get this bag. Then last week when I was supposed to pick up the bag something happend. My SA from my local outlet calls me and tells me someone returned a FP bag to the outlet and its the one I told her about to watch out for. The only problem was last week it did not hit the delete list it was still full price at Coach. They could not sell me the bag at outlet price yet. The manager told me unless I wanted to pay full price, I should wait a week or two to see if it was going to hit delete list. I knew I wanted this bag so I had to make a decision, which bag can I not live without. Also which one would be a classic leather bag that I will have forever. So long story short I decided instead of buying every bag that comes out, I am just going to buy hard to find bags that I really cannot live without and not keep buying every style of coach bag that comes out, afterall I am not made of money :biggrin:

    Fast forward to yesterday, I did call my SA at the outlet and they confirmed Tessa in Black Leather is hitting the delete list and she is holding it for me to pick up. (I would go today but hubby and I are sick) I have to tell you I am more excited about picking up this baby then I was about buying the Sophia. So that tells me one thing; Buy only the Bag that you sincerely cannot live without and have been longing for and you will treasure the bag forever.

    Ladies the Bag I am speaking of is the Black Leather Tessa. I can't wait to pick her up and I will do a reveal for you all to see. So I am going to pass on the Sophia this time around so I can pick up my HG Tessa.:yahoo:
  13. This is great advice! I have personally branched out to Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff, mostly because of color and styles. But I have never sold off a bag. I am currently at a point where it is almost:P stressful trying to decide which bag to carry and I don't think that is a good sign. I just need to get up the guts to purge, even a little.
  14. Lucydee, Good choice! Lucky you, to be getting such a fabulous bag.
  15. I would have done the same thing! Enjoy your new Tessa!