How to stop patina?

  1. How to stop patina? I just got a MC white but the new owner thinks the dark patina looks weired with white. But she really want to use it as a summer bag.

    SO, what do you gals put on it to prevent the patina process? (or slow it down?)
  2. Shinging Monkey helps slow down the patina process. Go to HTH I think you can get it on and at pepboys.
  3. I don't think you can STOP patina (unless you bought a bag to have it sit on the shelf in your closet). I have white MC pieces and I don't think they look bad with patina. I guess I am the minority here because I actually DO like when a bag develops patina.:nuts:
  4. i dont see why you want to slow it down :biggrin:

    i mean the whole patina process is natural, and the handles were made to darken. maybe its just me, but i dont do anything to my bags but flaunt it :P
  5. yea, shining monkey coats the leather and helps it to slow down.. it doesn't patina as fast from everyday use/touching, but it will patina eventually.

    the answer to wearing white during seasons: live in a sunny state (florida, california, etc) where it's okay to wear white all the time. :smile:
  6. There's no stopping it but you can slow it down by not exposing it to sun too much and using Shining Monkey.