"How to stop laughing at an inappropriate time". Hilarious etiquette video!

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  1. Haha, so funny!

    I actually have this problem quite a lot. ^_^ =P
  2. lol, that's quite funny!!

    I definitely have this problem - and it usually happens in the middle of a lecture!
  3. Oh we've all had this problem haven't we?! Can be so embarrassing, but at least there is a solution!!
  4. That is funny, and those tips are very useful!

    Speaking of laughing at inappropriate times, you know, there's a name for that: The Giggle Loop. (Thank you, Coupling!)

  5. Bahaha! That's actually quite useful, I find the most bizzare things funny at the most inapproriate times!
  6. Haha! I do this all the time. Like today, I went to go see a movie with a friend and I couldn't help but burst out laughing when a character died! The scene wasn't funny at all but it reminded me of something that made me laugh.
  7. I'm particularly bad at the eye contact part... there are a few people (like my mom) that always get what I am thinking, especially if it's inappropriately funny, and I need to stop looking at these people in moments like that!
  8. Hilarious! bookmarked and emailed to friends -thank you!!!
  9. hahaha I love that :biggrin: I always tend to laugh during inappropriate times.
  10. Thanks for posting that site, it has some usefull things! lol i always laugh at innapropriate times, always! eye contact is THE worst thing to do though, thats when it reaches the point of no return, you just have to crack!
  11. yes, I particularly enjoyed the "how to unblock a toilet" video :rolleyes:
  12. What's really bad, is when somebody is getting punished and you want to LMAO, lol
  13. Hahahaha...that was great!