How to stop breakage?

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  1. I have all of these short little hairs mixed in with my hair, because my hair is breaking off at the ends. I need advice/help-- how do I make it stop?? I know I need to stop using my flat iron, what else could help my hair get healthy again?
  2. make sure you consume protein in your diet. thats is what your hair is made of.
  3. Stop heat styling completely
    Get a trim
    Get a deep conditioner and use it (I use pure coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment once or twice a week)
    Use a very gentle, low detergent or sulfate free shampoo
    Stop using conditioners and products with non-water soluable silicones
    Get a protein pack and use it according to directions... like Aphogee.
  4. Are you sure your hair is breaking off instead of just growing out new hair? My head looks like that right now cos I'm growing bunch of new hair. I was losing some hair a while ago (natural growing cycle) and now it's growing back.
  5. I had this problem too- had to simply stop styling my hair as much. Now I only blow dry/straighten my hair 1x per week instead of nearly every day. I also use a heat protecter spray when straightening.
  6. jeah - same thing. My hair got really bad after I had this flattening-season. But I just love straightening my bang! and then I think that maybe I could do just a little straight from there.. and there.. and then I notice that I've gone through my whole hair :rolleyes:

    Even that my hairdresser says that it's fine because I have A LOT of hair and that I have enough spare ones if I get too excited of ruining part of them :biggrin:
  7. Get Kevin Murphy Born.Again and Kevin Murphy Staying.Alive!!!! Using the two products in tandem will save the hair you have from additional breakage and also stimulate hair regrowth. Here is a link to read more:

    I love the KM line because it is sulfate and paraben free!
  8. link doesn't work! :cursing:

    But I'm defenitely interested!
  9. although things will take time to make a difference, start off with a simple change in your diet. take your vitamins and use a shampoo/conditioner containing jojoba oil - some believe its an organic solution ;) best of luck
  10. Use an intensive protein mask (I would sleep in it), and then switch off with an intense moisturizing mask. too much protein will make your hair brittle, but since yours is breaking off you will need to use it.
  11. style it as little as possible. if you have to wash it once a day like me (darn oily skin & fine hair!), try to do that at night and let it air-dry. then you can curl the ends or flat iron it in the morning, if you must.

    regular trims are extremely important as well, even if you dont get all the broken crispy ends off in one trim.

    i also use a little blob of deep conditioner on the bottom inch or two of my hair every other day or so.
  12. Try and click on products. The two products I mentioned are under treatments. The line is very rich in essential oils and natural ingredients.
  13. Yes, start with getting a trim

    Use a hair mask consisting on egg yolk (just the protein part) with some olive oil. Leave it in as long as you like - overnight even... it's good for colored hair too.

    Before I blow dry I use ONE drop of Redken heat glide and comb it through the ends of my hair. It's made all the difference in the world! After I style it I use a finishing serum, but it's just one from my salon. I'm sure you can find something similar at yours.

    Use dry shampoo (I LOVE love love the one by SAMY) on days when you don't *have* to shampoo. You can even style your hair after you use it, but try to limit your flat ironing to 3 days a week.

    Also - if you do color your hair, that could be it. I changed stylists, and therefore changed color brands, and my hair is soooo much better than it used to be.
  14. I like fekkai glossing creme to keep my hair soft.
  15. Thanks for all your help!

    A combo of getting a trim and using morrocan oil more, as well as not flat-ironing my hair more than once a week has done wonders!