How to Stay Stylish in Rainy Winters?

  1. To ladies who live in places where winter consists of rain rain rain, how do you stay stylish without ruining shoes? I am always clumping around in my Birki clogs because my feet stay dry, or cowboy boots (both of these with pants, of course). How do you stay stylish in either trousers or dresses or suits without wrecking your shoes?
  2. I am a Chicago girl, so SF's winters (I am a native Californian, too, so I know what SF is like -- went to college right outside of it) are nothing compared to what they are here. Let me tell you, rain, sleet, snow, hail, you'd think hell was freezing over. Anyway, sorry to digress.

    It's very difficult to look elegant when it's pouring outside. In SF, I imagine you can get away with a cute pair of galoshes and a trench coat. I have a pair of galoshes (which I think are cute, maybe a little TOO cutesy) that have little hearts on them. I get compliments all the time!

    I spent my first Chicago winter WRECKING my nice shoes. No more. If I must end up in a place where nice shoes are required, I will schlep them. I literally can't afford not to wear galoshes!
  3. I pay for a LOT of car service rides :smile:
  4. wellies with thick thick socks!!
  5. An umbrella and scotch guarding all my leather shoes.
  6. I have the black Hunter wellies, 'Lady N' style. The only thing I detest is when I get off work and the sun is miraculously shining again, I feel like a dork clunking back home in those wellies.
  7. Patent leather shoes always works for me in rainy days! Or I just use rain protection spray all the time for my shoes.
  8. I think the gucci rain boots are really nice.:yes:

    I have a pair and my sis has larger legs then me, and they dont fit her either, and dont know if that happens with all brands.
  9. If I know that it'll rain, I just wear rubber shoes, like my Bass H2O, which is perfect for rainy days. If rain catches up on me though, I just make sure that I have enough tissue to wipe my shoes clean.
  10. That happens to me too! I also wear Hunter wellies (and rave about them every chance I get), but I got the fleece sock/liner that they sell for them, and they are so soft and comfy and most importantly, warm!
  11. I live in SF so our rainy days aren't as bad as other places.

    Patent leather shoes usually work for me during rainy days.

    I also have a few pair of "whatever" boots, & shoes that I wear during those days.
  12. I have cute rain boots for lousy weather.

    I also have a couple of pairs of old cheap (but good looking) boots from Marshalls/TJMaxx) that I can wear in the snow (i.e. walking to and from my car). Then I change into the good shoes at work.

    This isn't perfect, but it beats wearing my flowered wellington boots with my serious work clothes. :smile:
  13. I have some nice rain coats and two pairs of cute rain boots. But, honestly, this late in the season I am so tired of trying to stay warm and look nice that I just throw on any old thing.
  14. I have a pair of shiny black rubber wellies. I LOVE them in heavy rain/slush/wet snow. They look cute with skinny jeans/pants/skirts.
    They prevent back splash when you walk. A must for the puddlesome city!