how to spread around $2,000???

  1. i'm starting to feel a bit feverish!:sweatdrop:

    I have $2,000 to spend on whatever I want..and I want Vuitton!

    instead of getting 1 or 2 new bags I've decided to head to my lovely MyPoupette resellers and stock up on as many bags as I can get!

    but there are so many bags to chose from!!!!

    the only thing I've allowed myself to have is a myrtille blue cles. What I want is

    1. BH
    2. Speedy 30
    3 A petit Noe

    if anyone sees anything they think that I should see please help! I've had this money to spend for 2 days now and I just can't seem to buy. I'm open to pretty much anythign in good condition.

  2. what do you have so far?? Do you like LTD EDT or regular lines?
  3. ^ yes..pls tell us what you have in your collections and we will go from there..
  4. I have :

    -GOld miroir pap
    -silver miroir pap
    -white mc alma
    -mono pochette
    -mono pap 26

    I am sick of hand-held bags and am looking mostly for shoulder bags..the only exception i'll make is for a speedy!

    grrrrrrr...I am just afraid i'll buy something and see the same thing for a better deal 2 seconds later :sad:
  5. hmmm......i wish i had 2000 to spend on would be gone in 10 minutes!
    maybe a damier-something?
  6. pretty nice collection you have, love to see the pics.

    Yup, you need shoulder bag. I personally would go for damier but because you want to get more out of your $$, BV is cute, I have Noe, it's very chic,,speedy is another handheld bag for you..

    May be something in vernis?? denim??






  7. I think the BH and Noe are great shoulder bags, maybe a damier speedy also?
  8. [​IMG]



    If you get all the bags from the same seller, I am sure they will give you discount.
  9. you think?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!


    I want a BH so badly. I just keep thinking that I can get a better deal than what I see. And although it says on let-trade that they have a BH, it's a BV which i don't want.

    a def. want a petit noe. I think I'll head over to eBay and see what I can find!

    and as for pics...i'll try to do that tomorrow. With seeing pics of every one else's collection I felt mine was pretty sad! lol
  10. 15 mins to me to spend them all:graucho:

    How about Azur speedy?
  11. Save up more and get the monogram mink BUm Bag! =D
  12. Great suggestions Nita!!! :biggrin:

    I really hope you get that Bronze Vernis Columbus!!!!
  13. easy... just send half of it to ME! :graucho:
  14. yeah yeah yeah....send it all to everybody else
    I gues that WOULD be easy! lol

    I like the vernis columbus but I was looking for cheaper bags so i could get more...i'm more into quantity right now..want a big selection everyday to chose from!

    and John get your butt back over to the authentication thread where you belong *whip* :lecture: lol

    gotta love smileys!
  15. haha the whole let-trade website is on this page...

    u can pick out some!! $2k is a lot to spend on 2nd hand bags!

    good luck! tell me what u get so i can be jealous :upsidedown: