How To Spray Leather Handbags?

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I've been looking through a lot of threads concerning spraying leather bags, but none of them seem to go into detail about exactly how to spray them.

    My question is this: I have a black leather open-tote leather handbag I would like to spray. How do you spray it to make sure none of the spray goes inside the bag? Also, do you hang your bag on a hanger to dry, or lay it on one side (let it dry) and then do the other side? And lastly, do you spray the handles?

    Any tips would be much appreciated!
  2. Others may have more detailed advice, but here's what I would do:

    Since your bag is open top, I'd stuff the inside with paper up to the top. Then spray liberally to get an even coat around the outside and any other spots on the inside (e.g., top lining). I usually have the purse hanging on a plastic hanger, and so I just walk around the purse to spray (or turn it around). I spray everything, including the handles.

    Wait for the first coat to dry before spraying again (I give it 6 hours). I let the purse sit in front of a fan during that time, but I don't think that's entirely necessary. I might put a towel underneath the purse to catch any stuff that "drips" off (sometimes I get a little too liberal with my application). For the second application, I try to set it up so I can "flip" the handles, if possible, so the underside also gets a good coat. I usually do 3 applications, but I don't know if you need that many....

  3. What about zippers on the outside? My handbag has zippers on the side of the bag. Like is it ok to spray the gold hardware, or will it tarnish?
  4. What are you spraying with, Lexiii?
  5. I have two 10 oz bottles of TLC by Wilsons Leather Spray called "Leather & Suede Protector"
  6. I would prefer to take your bag to professional and get them do it for you. but that's just my opinion:smile:
  7. Oh YES, lovely stuff. That's what I use. The zippers will not be affected, whether metal or plastic. You can wipe off any excess with no problems.

    Professional? What? For water- and stain-proofing? Many hundreds (nay, thousands) of us here have used some type of product for years on our bags, with professional results. No problem. I hadn't ever thought of having a professional do it. Who would that be? Is there somebody who does that? Maybe I should check that out more, it would be a great way to add to my income. :biggrin:
  8. Lexii - I use similar stuff and spray them laid flat on old towels. If there are any parts that I don't want to need spray on I cover them with the towels. You can also do that hanging them from a hanger outside and stuffing it with a towel. If you don't want it on the hardware you can just wipe off after. I do usually spray a bit extra on the handles. I do leave it outside to air for a while & I let it dry between coats. Sometimes I get a big drop on a spot but it usually disappears after a day or so.

    most important - don't forget to test spray a small patch that's hidden or maybe on the bottom to just check that the spray doesn't change the finish or color in a way you don't like.
  9. Very good point! I usually test on the underside of the handle (if it's flat), an inside edge, or the bottom corner of the bag.