How to spot Fake Vernis???

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  1. I'm in in mad love with anything LV Vernis and am looking a lot on Ebay.
    Any giveaways as to how to tell if a vernis is fake??

  2. You can always post a link to the eBay auction in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" sticky thread at the top of this subforum. There are many awesome LV experts here who can help you distinguish between real and fake.

    Some other tips, from the fake vernis items that I've seen floating around on eBay...

    Always check the logo stamp. Familiarize yourself with the authentic LV logo, where it is placed on the particular bag you're looking at, the placement of the letters, etc. I've noticed a lot of fake vernis bags have the wrong lining. Make sure you know what the inside of the real bag looks like. Take a look at auctions from My Poupette resellers or other reputable LV sellers. Save the pictures on your computer and bring them up when you're looking at a questionable auction. I have an entire file :lol:

    When in doubt, just ask here at tPF! The ladies here are super nice and are always glad to help out :smile:
  3. fake vernis is so obvious looking line that fakers have problem to copy..
  4. Yeah it's REALLY obvious. The stitching is off, the material looks like cheap plastic, the stamping is usually VERY deep and has obvious outlines. They usually include a square piece of vachetta with the creed stamping in a weird font, or include it on the wrong bag. The wrong lining is used (on MOST bags it should be leather, but there are a few like the Biscayne Bay PM and GM and the Petronia St. that have textile lining.) Plus, on the fake Lexingtons, the shoulder strap is usually way too thick.
  5. Yeah, fake vernis is usually pretty bad. Here is a website that lists dates for different colors so you can check the date code against it, and what to look for on the inside.
  6. ^ nice site to read..thanks for sharing.
  7. ITA, one of the easiest to spot.
  8. That is a great site. Thanks for posting that.
  9. Thanks honey ! I didnt know about that site, :flowers:
  10. The fakers never ever get the Vernis shine/glitters. Their "vernis" is just usually shine/glitters in them.
  11. Yes they are baaad fakes.
  12. that such a helpful website to educate myself, thanks for sharing it anotheremptysky :heart:
  13. Oh right...I remember this site. This is Jammy's site.
    I didn't think he still had it up. Some useful stuff in there.
  14. Thanks all - and thanks for the site.
    I am in LOOOVE with anything vernis so I will read it lots!!!
  15. Glad the website was helpful. :smile: Someone here posted it about 9 months ago when I was looking to buy my first vernis! I made sure to bookmark it.