How to spot fake hijacker auctions?

  1. After reading this article that another member was kind enough to post:
    How far has 'Vladuz' hacked into eBay? - The Red Tape Chronicles -

    I began to think... how do we spot fake auctions from another seller's hijacked account? Is there a way?

    I'm also the type of buyer who pays immediately after winning an auction. I'm now thinking that this makes me vulnerable to sending a scammer my money, since it wouldn't be until a while after the auction ends before I would receive the email from eBay telling me the auction was a sham.

    I'm going to make sure that my Paypal and eBay passwords are different. I suppose if they hack your eBay account, they could figure out your paypal email address and guess your password if they're the same.

    Sorry for my little rant, but I'm becoming very afraid of ebay. If anyone has any security tips, or ideas on how to spot fake AUCTIONS, I would love to know!
  2. Outstanding article!
  3. Would it help to ask questions about the item and make contact with the seller? If you get a response, you can go with your gut feelings...
  4. Very good advice. Contacting the seller is ALWAYS a good idea. How they respond (if at all) is a good indicator of what kind of seller they might be, especially useful if the account is hyjacked.