how to spot fake GUCCI?

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  1. hi all...d u guys know how to spot a fake gucci????

    thanks for the info..
  2. the g's tend to look like e's. The material quality. Most fake gucci's have a faded look. They easily get loose threads.
  3. Also, you can get more information on aegiale's buying guide on ebay. Just type in aegiale under community section and she has lots of good information on buying authentic Gucci bags.
  4. always check the materials and stitching
  5. I totally agree that knock-offs are getting better and better. But my girlfriend made an interesting point. She recently went to Thailand and purchased a knock-off Coach for about $90 USD. It retails for about $400 USD. We both can hardly tell the difference between a fake and a real...I'm pretty sure if you examine it closely you'll find something. But my point is (actually her point) that for a small fraction of the price you can have the purse you love that is quite hard to between a fake and real. She says this because she always wants a new purse and gets bored with styles quickly.

    Just thought I'd share.

  6. This forum does not approve of buying fakes! Whether they are good quality or not- they are fakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tdown:
  7. ow no! don't buy fakes! you'll support child labor and it's intellectual property theft!

    read this article:

    "Those who buy knockoffs on purpose make their own deals with the devil. Carrying a fake handbag supports an illegal industry that encompasses sweatshop factories and theft of intellectual property. On top of all that, it's just stone cold frontin'."
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.