How to spot Fake Chanel links again.

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  1. thanks for this!
  2. Hello all -
    I have seen these links about spotting a fake, but I am wondering if there is a more detailed website, book, anything .

    I decided to buy Chanel, so to finance it, I sold one of my LV's. Since I really LOVE the Cambon line I did a lot of reasearch. However, I still got burned on an ebay purchase. :mad: In fact, by the responses that I got on this site, it was pretty obvious.

    I still want a Chanel. Right now, the only recourse I have is this web site (which is great!) or pay My Pouppette to look at a listing.

    Thanks for any advice!
  3. I am confused I read somewhere on the forum that CHANEL Made in France should never be stamped on the bag, but then again, one of the links in recommended here in this thread (eBay View About Me for burberry_princess)
    says :

    Gold or silver CHANEL stamp on the interior leather . There is a gold stamp if the hardware is gold, and a silver stamp if the hardware is silver. The CHANEL stamp is in front of the interior open pocket, above the interior open pocket, or in the lower portion of the interior flap. The MADE IN FRANCE or MADE IN ITALY stamp is either gold or silver, depending on the hardware, and is directly under the CHANEL stamp or at the opposite side of the CHANEL stamp.

  4. ^ I don't know of anyone who has posted that.
    Made in France or Made in Italy is legit, made in Paris is not.
  5. thanks!
  6. Swanky, I do have a authentic paris that is stamped made in paris and I bought it at the Saks Boutique on Winsconsin ave.
    I have jewelry that the case is marked MADE in PARIS. and the earrings do say made in France....which was bought at Neimans at Lenox Park mall in Atlantic
  7. Where is it stamped made in Paris? Inside the bag or on the hardware?
  8. inside the bag
  9. Under the word CHANEL on the interior tag, it should read
    "Made in Italy" or
    "Made in France"
    I'm not talking about on the metal snaps/pieces.
  10. Do vintage chanel bags (with leather interior) always have a stamp with "chanel" and where it's made? Mine does not. The toggles on the straps are engraved with "chanel", the C's are right, but no stamp. Please advise....thanks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.