How to spot fake alexander wang bags

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  1. #1 Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 27, 2010
    Hi Guys i am new to purseblog. Just felling my way around a bit. Wanted to warn all of the Alexander Wang lovers of a scam artist on Ebay. The user names read as follows: mizzjazzy2145, putalushious and roseclosetstyle.These accounts are all owned and operated by the same person. This fraud sold me a fake AW Donna using the mizzjazzy2145 account. Luckily i was able to report to both ebay and paypal in order to have my money refunded. However to my surprise, i have discovered that this member is using multiple accounts to list counterfeit bags. I have reported this to ebay and they have done nothing. While browsing for a new AW bag i noticed that several listings all had very obvious things in common. The pics for the listings had all been taken in the same home or apartment. The carpet was the same,the area rug was the same, the bar stools were the same, for Gods sake even the manicured nails were the same.:cursing::censor: Please view these item numbers to have a look at what i am saying 320472044915, 140372489064. The same exact background was used in the listing for the fake bag that was sold to me. I brought this to Ebays attention but they have done nothing. With help from other honest ebayers i believe that we can but this sort of behavior to a halt. If anyone knows of any better avenues to report this fraudulent seller please report her ASAP or give me the correct info needed to have her kicked off. If iam posting in the wrong area please advise as to where i need to post.
    Thanks Guys:smile:

    Hi! Counterfeiters read here, we generally don't try and educate them :biggrin:

    Feel free to email me with any pics are questions xxx.
    P.S. LETS GET THIS FRAUD KICKED OFF OF EBAY. putalushious,mizzjazzy2145 and roseclosetstyle this is the same person using multiple accounts.
  2. UM... we really DON'T like to publicize specific info on WHY bags might be fake... I mean WHY give the counterfeiters more info on how to improve their product?

    And you've already posted this same post in several locations.... so how about let's respond to those...?
  3. Hi! First let me say welcome to tPF!! :welcome:

    I see you posted the same post 6 times. . . we're a very busy website and posting the same thing repeatedly clogs up our threads/forums. We have a policy not to post duplicates.
    Also, this forum is really for authenticity inquiries only. I see Ellie Mae referred you to the correct thread for this info in one of your 6 posts. I removed 1 or 2 and closed one of your threads due to it being a duplicate.
    Since this isn't an authenticity inquiry I'll close this as well.
    Please slow down . . . :biggrin: and take care to make sure you're posting in the best location instead of jumping around and posting the same content 6 times.:tender:

    Thank you so much!!:ty:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.