How to spot a fake vs authentic MARC BY MARC JACOBS?

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  1. There are many posts and sections about how to tell a MARC JACOBS handbag, but I can't seem to find any referring to his other line MARC BY MARC JACOBS.

    Please let me know .. Thanks so much! :biggrin:
  2. We actually try not to give out specific authenticating details about bags here on tPF. It's inadvisable considering how the forum is public, and those who fake bags could use this information to perfect their inauthentic merchandise.
  3. oh i didn't know that was the reason why haha
  4. that's an excellent reason! good for you, for helping to limit the fakes out there! fakes are so nasty!:throwup:
  5. :tup:
  6. oh okay, I didn't think of that reason! Thanks for letting me know.
    The reason I asked was that I wanted to figure out if my MBMJ handbag was authentic or not and I had a question about the zippers and the printing of it. I guess I will post pics in the forum and let you guys know =)

    Thanks for the fast response to a noob to this blog =)
  7. Hi,
    I wanted to by a Marc by Marc jacobs quilted satin bowler bag speedy, and find one.
    My question is how much do they cost approx? I know they are not so expensive but a guide to know how much to offer. I have never bought Marc Jacobs before so...Authenthic??? How do I attach the pitures. Please urgent!
  8. Can anybody tell me is this fake Marc by Marc Jacobs satin bowlingbag?
    I will try to attach a pic from the zipper as well, if I manage...

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  9. :smile:

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  10. Oops- sorry I meant Authenticate thread