How to spot a fake (Sienna)

  1. Part of buying bags I think, its to begin educating yourself. I've seen some interesting things come through eBay recently. Because I dont know enough about the colors of bags Kooba released as Siennas, I wanted to figure out ways that maybe I could detect a fake before pestering anyone about its authentication.

    I noticed quite a few with weird inside material, that is all multi colored with the kooba name, I've never seen that and thought, that might be a fake marker.

    Also, when they dont have the kooba zipper pull with the logo, but just a piece of leather. I always thought that named zipper pull, that widened out, was a good indicator the bag might be authentic.

    Any thoughts, on helping newer people know and understand what they should look for?

  2. No - actually the very first lines of those Siennas were lined with the Kooba name and had a leather strip on the inside rather than the metal zipper pull. My beautiful vintage Sienna in "luggage" was done that like that...just a beauty. And the leather is crazy amazing. Plus those older ones did not have the Kooba metal plate on the outside either, but rather a stamp saying "Kooba" imprinted into the leather.

    It's also a good idea to post individual bags on the 'authenticate this' thread - then we can pick it apart to death or praise it to high heaven on an individual basis! :lol::jrs: