How to spot a fake Hermes

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  1. I don't know why everyone thinks that because the price is low that they are fakes. There are people out there that sell on ebay that don't truly know the value of something and they price it wrong. That is how resellers capitalize. There is a massive resale on things where a person buys on ebay and then turns around and relists. Maybe this person did pay a pretty penny for the bag, used it, knows they are worth money, but doesn't realize the resale could still be very high.

    If you feel they are fake (I am not saying they are authentic) maybe state why you might think so. I can't tell enough form those pics on quick glance...I am going to go back and study them.

    I am tryig to contact seller just to see if she will let me view them...just to see if she is trying to hide etc.

    Oh, one more thing...I am in the export industry in the U.S. I encounter all types of products and people involved in so many things. I have seen some of the most expensive fakes...they wold blow your mind. Some of them are higher quality then many designer bags out there.
  2. I'm not an expert and I don't have a Birkin.

    I was looking at the pictures and one thing which bugged me was that in the brown bag, whe they had a close up with the hardware attaching the lock and the name Hermes on top, it doesn't seem to be straight, or it's off balance. I think if I spend that much money on a bag, I would like it to be perpendicularly straight and balanced.

    I also think the lock of my kelly was not in plastic. It was in the dustbag.
  3. This alone sounds like a good reason. And I'd like to hear more reasons.

    Price alone doesn't seem like a good one to me. I don't auction anything fancy, but with any item for which I think there's a high demand, I will start with a low auction price and cross my fingers because in general I think one realizes higher prices when more people bid early and often.

    Starting low and putting a reasonable reserve on seems like a good strategy for a popular high-end item like an Hermes bag.
  4. I went back to look at what you said La Van, but I don't see it...I want to find some things wrong, but the pictures just aren't good enough. For me to spend that kind of money...I need to be sure. Then on top of never knnow if you are getting what you see. Even worse!
  5. Also, call me crazy...maybe this person just liked putting their lock in plastic. Doesn't mean Hermes does this. I do different things too. Something to think about.
  6. La VAn is right, the font looks funny on the brown bag (from what I can tell from the bad pics) and the gold lock plate is totally crooked. Also, Togo leather does not look like this. The leather on these bags is TOO perfect. Togo has variation and veining. The grain is not so even. In these pics, the leather shows too much sheen (common in Togo fakes.) Also, I've never seen an Hermes bag with that kind of plastic bag on the lock. Correct me if I'm wrong on that... these are AAA fakes.
  7. Gotcha....I am now going back to look at them per your views Greentea!

    As for the plastic on the locks...I think it is bizarre...and on fakes....they always use plastic baggies. People do crazy things, but plastic is always on the fakes with the little baggies
  8. I will second the crookedness of the lockplate and the baggie bothers me...lean toward fakes as well
  9. Sometimes I hesitate to post in these threads because I think that scammers find them through searches and we just end up helping them to get smarter. But, having said that, I wanted to weigh in on a few red flags that I look for in case they can help.
    I think that the biggest thing that I am on the lookout for is the subtle overall feeling of the auction. I check feedback to see if there are previous auctions for designer goods- even if they have 100% feedback it would be a redflag in the case of this auction with the story of a one time sale due to hardship. I also check what else they have up for sale because this may be a AAA item but something else they are selling may look like a crappy fake. This auction in particular has a fishy feel to it because they have the story of hardship and show inexperience with the number of auctions on their feedback but they have taken photos of almost everything on the purses that people question regarding authenticity of a Hermes. Makes you wonder how they knew to do that. Specifically regarding the purses; the leather stands up like cheap plastic- it looks shiny and stiff. In a real Hermes togo purse the leather looks like leather even from a distance- these fakes look like they could pass for plastic with a leather stamping- the handles are very plastic-looking.
    Finally not everyone selling a fake designer purse is aware that it is a fake- they may just be selling it in good faith having no idea they, themselves had been ripped off. That was the case with a fake Balenciaga that I purchased. Fortunately my gut feeling about the honesty of the seller was right and she made a full refund with mortification.:smile:
  10. Bagpuss, I love what you wrote...they could have been scammed themselves and don't even know it. Now, they are selling what they may think is real. You just never know.
  11. A lot of these superfakes don't have the protective plastic on the turnlock plate and closure. From what I can see, neither do these. I totally agree w/ what Greentea said about the font and crooked plate. However, I've had the padlocks of Birkins and Kellys placed in tiny ziplock plastic bags. The more recent bags I've purchased do not have the tiny plastic bags, though.
  12. regarding the plastic bag for locks, i saw them on almost all Montecarlo's birkins... So ...
  13. One of the bags says Hermes Parisc or Parise
  14. I saw a terrific fake yesterday. it was a 35 or 40 kelly (or supposed to be), black clemence with gold hardware, but the bag looked new (not vintage), yet the handle did not have the extra hook for the shoulder strap to attach to (a relatively new feature). also, I saw when the owner opened her bag, that the inside zipper pocket had a gold pull instead of a leather one. otherwise, it looked terrific on her.
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