How to spot a fake? Help.

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm new to LV, as you can probably tell by my screen name :smile: I'm looking at getting a large LV noe tomorrow or tuesday from a lady and I'd like to know what specifically I need to be looking for. She says it's authentic, but I'll still be checking it out thoroughly before I get it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I tried to do a search on here and the search function wasn't working.. so feel free to direct me somewhere on here too!
  2. Post pictures in the authenticate section.
  3. She doesn't have a camera to take pictures of it.
  4. I wouldn't personally buy it without pictures I could post here of every inch of it. She must know someone with a camera. Worst case search the auth forum for pics of ones they say are real and compare. Print them out and bring them with you.
  5. I would insist she meet me at a LV store for the exchange of bag and money. Have it authenticated before you pay her.
  6. I agree with mlowran. Thats the only way you can guanrantee.

    But if needs be- study pictures, look at the date code, the colour and placement of letters and think about the price-is it really too good?
    Good luck!
  7. She doesnt have a camera but has a Lv....
    Sorry just sounds weird to me...
    Well the People on here are great at spotting fakes from pics so i suggest you ask her if she knows anyone with a camera or even a camera phone..?
    Don't take her word for it you should be really careful when Buying any designer bag not direct from their boutique.
  8. It is just to "convenient" that she does not have a camera. I would stay away.
  9. I wouldn't buy anything that I don't have proof it is real.

    I only buy from the boutique or authorised dealers.

  10. No pics = No buy :yes: