How to spot a fake Gryson Skye

  1. Hi guys,

    Unfortunately, I ended up buying a fake Skye and went through a lot of trouble to get my money back (actually the refund is still pending from PayPal). From my experience, I learned a few things that can help you to spot a fake one. Following liktebrite's comment on posting pictures of the fake bag, here we go...
    • Grey with white trim is authentic Skye I bought from Gryson's web site
    • Brown is the fake one
    The overall picture does not help as you can see from the picture. You have to look for a few specific details.
    1. Hardware: Fake Gryson's hardware starts to rust very fast. But of course it's hard to see that when the bag is new. The ring that holds the handles to the bag is think and not perfectly symmetrical on fake bags (see the picture)
    2. Hardware2: This is the easiest thing to spot. Look at the position of the button on the strap that attaches from the bottom of the back. The fake Skye has the button on the same position as Olivia. But authentic Skye has it higher (towrards the end of the strap). This may not be true for all fakes but it turns out to be true for mine. (see the picture. black strap is from my authentic Olivia)
    3. Horizontal leather trims wrapped around the bottom of the handle. I found that most of the authentic Skye and Olivia have 5 wraps. Although Gryson's rep said the number may vary since all bags are handmade, all authentic ones I saw had 5 wrappings (I counted them from NM web site too). The fake ones usually have 6 and is sloppy at the end.
    I hope this helps. A lot of listing on eBay only shows overall pictures. If you are not sure, ask for pictures where you can see the handles and hardware in detail. I think $2 is the most helpful tip.
    cpr3.jpg cpr2.JPG cpr1.JPG cpr0.JPG comparison with authentic olivia.jpg
  2. Thank you for the posting. This is really helpful! :tup:
  3. So sorry you had a bad experience. It is really helpful that you posted your findings though!

    Thanks and good luck in the future!
  4. Sorry this happened to you but thanks for posting the tips.
  5. Thank you, greenabyss, for probably have saved a lot of folks money. I'm sorry for your experience :sad:, but hopefully, paypal will come through for you. Details aside, it's easy to see how someone not well-versed in Gryson could pick up the replica on eBay thinking it was the real McCoy...The fakes look very, very similar from afar.
  6. Thanks so much for posting...I had no idea. I'm sorry you had to find out this way! Good luck with PayPal.
  7. You are welcome. I am glad that you guys found it helful.
  8. it's really alarming how similar they are though. if i hadn't seen this "tutorial" i would never have known the difference! i personally feel like it's easier to spot fakes with monogrammed bags b/c the position of the logos and/or wrong colors, but with the gryson, the differences were so subtle!
  9. I never buy designer bags on eBay anymore. Almost all of them are fake. I only buy bags from reputable websites. You can tell by also checking what other brands the sites carry. If they are higher end brands then there is less of a chance that they are carrying fakes.
  10. Thank you so much for posting the pics and the explanations!!

    Scary how the fake and the real thing looks so similar.. but I think comparing the 2 side by side, the shoulder strap on the fake does look like it's worse quality leather (flimsy looking) compared to the real thing.
  11. Oh and hope your paypal claim goes through for you. Sucks you had to go through this experience, but you will have saved many people the trouble (myself included)!
  12. Please don't take this the wrong way, but HOW can anyone be sure this is a fake if these are handmade bags? Wouldn't it be possible to have someone tired that day who wrapped the straps? Or they just happened to get a bad batch of snaps or it came into contact with something to make it rust?

    I have NO DOUBT that bags get faked, but how can you be SURE? How can Gryson be sure just with these photos? When I make things, no two look exactly alike because I'm not a machine... wouldn't that hold true for subtle differences in bags too?

    I'm still a novice, so forgive me for questioning this, but I would feel SOOOOOOO bad if this is truly an authentic bag - I would feel bad for the seller and all she's been through. I know I don't keep my receipts for bags either, so how can she PROVE it is authentic and even if she did have a receipt - that doesn't mean it's for THIS bag. I would begin to wonder if people did swaps IN STORES with bags too! I'm beginning to doubt EVERYTHING!
  13. What was the leather like on the fake? Similar? Can you tell by touching the leather at least?
  14. Gryson rep told me that they use the highest quality hardware that is very expensive. I had the fake bag for only about a month, and you can tell that ALL hardware parts are rusty and have black marks. I am sure there will be little variations among bags, but I think they have a some set standard. Otherwise, as you said, it will be very difficult to tell fakes from authentic bags. If you look at any Skye (in person or pictures), you will notice that the button is much closer to the end of the strap than Olivia.
  15. Unfortunately, the leather on the fake Skye feels pretty good and has nice smell. However, it seems to discolor a little with time. I only carried it three times but there are now two spots that look lighter than the rest of the bag. It was never near water or any liquid either.