How to spot a fake Chanel costume jewelry

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  1. I always wanted a set of Chanel cdostume jewelry, especially the CC necklaces.

    But there are plenty of fakes are manufactured, and some necklaces on eBAY starts with very low auction price.....

    does anyone knows how to tell a real or a fake costume jewelry?

    Thank u!:heart:
  2. Yes, but mostly it all comes down to being aware of what Chanel has made and what they have not made. Also lots of pictures are required, including of the Chanel box because normally there is information on the box that can help in authenticating. The best thing to do is post any auctions you would like authenticated in the "Authenticate this Chanel" thread in the Chanel Shopping subforum.
  3. I believed I could authenticate most of the Chanel costume jewelries since 2003 collection until now. I think I saw them a lot since am into Chanel. I also always visit the shop where they sold fake Chanel too. Some look close to real but after you touch it, see it you would know it's fake. I enjoy to see them but I never bought them back. You will not believe how excellent they can copied.

    PS: You can authenticate here in the PF by submitting the photos.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.