How to spend a gift certificate...

  1. I have a few questions... I have a Saks gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and would love to get a new Louis. There isn't anything that I NEED. (Although I will be buying the Turenne once it is back on elux.) Any thoughts on an $1000 bag or under?

    At first, I was thinking about doing a Vernis since I don't have one (the Reade or the Bedford in Framboise) but then my mind got going... Do you think the Mini Mono is too dated -- I think I might really like a Navy Lucille but... I am just not sure!! Then, I thought about the denim pleaty.

    I have the perfo speedy, denim baggy GM, Cabas Mezzo, Cabas Piano and a speedy 25. A lot of mono!!

    I don't need a bag so it doesn't have to serve a purpose! Any thoughts?
  2. i would go for the vernis or epi :smile:
  3. what i would buy is the beford in framboise as you said,the white MC wapity and a pastilles bracelet :smile:
  4. damier speedy
  5. How about a black epi noe?
  6. Thanks! Great thought about the epi Noe -- I want the Turenne in black so that probably fits that bill! And I don't have anything Damier so that is another good thought. I love the idea of something Vernis though.. I wonder if I will ever use it!
  7. :graucho:
  8. I would say something in either vernis or epi!
  9. IMO the mini mono is a waste.

    An epi jasmin would be my vote!
  10. The bedford is so beautiful. Or, what about some smaller items, like a wallet and planner?
  11. Thanks! Great points! I will probably go with something vernis since I am getting the Epi Turenne in black. I have my fair share of wallets (or one big, one small) so I think I am good there! Thank you all!

    Now, I just have to decide what veris to buy!