How to Shrink your waist?

  1. Does anybody know any tricks or excercises to help shrink the waist when slimming?

    I am quite straight up and down with no hips, so would like to shrink my waist a bit to look a bit more feminine.:smile:
  2. There is no way to "shrink" a certain area. You can't control where the fat burns off when doing exercises. Sorry.
  3. You can look into corsets, but aside from that, just eat right and run/swim/bike.
  4. try out pilates and do lots of cardio. drink plenty of water.
  5. You could always try doing exercises that target your oblique muscles. Even though you can't control how your body loses fat, you can tone up certain areas and hope that your newly defined muscles in that area give you a little better shape! :yes:
  6. ITA with what everyone has said,:yes: especially the swim, bike, run part;)
  7. I think lots of stretching that tones those muscles (side to side and overhead while stretching to the side too) will help your midsection. Might be worth signing up for a personal trainer just for one or two sessions - pricey but not if it's just a couple sessions to figure out how to help. Best of luck!
  8. Pilates is an awesome workout for the abs. You can do it a couple of times a week and loose major inches.
  9. I recommend trying pilates as well.
  10. you can't 'shrink' a certain part of your body. just do cardio if you need to lose all over weight, and do some good ab weight bearing exercises to try to define your waist better (crunches, crunches on a weight machine, twists, pilates, etc)
  11. oh, and just be happy with who you are! that's what everyone needs to do, embrace what you were born with and just try to be healthy and in the best shape you can!
  12. I have asked myself the same thing many times. I have what you call an "inverted triangle" shape - perhaps you have the same, where your shoulders are broader than your hips? When I was little, my older sister used to tie a belt around my waist, hoping to create a waist for me. Needless to say, it didn't work and I still have no waist. Sometimes I get sad about it but I try to look on the bright side, like I have a flat stomach. You probably do too.
  13. Tons and tons of cardio-running, swimming. I agree with Pilates, too. Also, that Jillian trainer lady, I forgot her last name; said to cut carbs for one week for dramatic results. Only a week she said though.
  14. Many women have a problem with their midsection and its harder to burn inches in that area. I have this corti control supplement from fitamericamd.. and it is the only FDA regulated corti control supplement. Its not chemicals its basically all natural and they sell it at the gym I go to and its amazing. You do have to excercise while taking it and the supplement like jump starts the corti levels I guess or some kinda level in your stomach to help burn in that area. So i would look into something natural in aiding weight loss in that area rather than like diet pills. But lots and lots and lots of cardio will definetly work!