How to shrink a bump on my piercing??!

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  1. I got my chest pierced 2 months ago and for the past month I have had a red raised bump on one side. It doesn't hurt but looks awful. I tried sea salt soaks, tea tree oil and for the past 2 weeks crushed bayer asprin ( piercer recommended). Its gone down a hair but still very noticable. What is there I can do??? Its not rejecting and I have never had this with my other piercings. Has anyone experienced this?? Thanks.
  2. I had a red bump on my ear doctor said it was a keloid. You can get it lasered off, but it might come back. Mine went away after a few months, it's completely normal now.
  3. bumps = keloid. try sea salt soak or tea tree oil daily. If not try calling the piercer they normally have suggestions or tips. I remember going to the doctor for something like that before and they suggested taking the piercing out and letting it heal then re pierce
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    OP has already said that she has tried sea salt, tea tree oil and talking to the piercer (who recommended crushed Bayer aspirin).
    Maybe the actual jewelry is irritating you? Perhaps you could switch out your piercing to a different metal (like titanium for example) and see if that helps?
  5. Right now its a plastic flex bar with silver balls. I did have in a metal bar for the piercing but he recommeded putting in the plastic...
  6. Its been a month so maybe I just need to wait it out. Did it dry out or just shrink? Mine seems to be getting dry.
  7. Go to your dermatologist. They can inject the keloid monthly with kenalog... a steroid that will make it shrink over time. Also, some topical steroid tapes can help.
  8. ^^Yep, my ear did this and my dermatologist injected it. Went away within a couple days.
  9. You may also try some antiseptic. I bought some at Claire's a while back for my nose piercing and it worked wonders! And it was pretty cheap, like $2-3 a bottle.
  10. take out the jewelry and see a dermatologist asap. keloids are difficult to get rid of and the longer you keep in the jewelry, the more irritated and permanent it can become. i got a keloid from keeping in my cartilage piercing... basically it got infected and i would take out the jewelry for a while and put it back in... but my doctor told me that made it worse. mine's permanent altho i've had surgery once for removal but it just grows back.... one of those things you need to get a professional consultation about. good luck!
  11. My friend just got her trigus(spelling?) pierced and this happened to her. I know you said you did it but her dermo told her to crush up aspirin then dissolve in in a little water then put it on a qtip and rub in on the bump. It went down a lot.
  12. Mine was dry at first too, and layers kept peeling off with no change in size. Eventually it shrunk away, much to my relief.

    I think I was really lucky, though. I was told it was probably going to be there forever. Keep us updated!
  13. I do the crushed asprin every night and its gone down slightly in the 2-3 weeks of doing it. Should I do the seasalt soaks to? I really hope it goes away..
  14. I've had keloids in every piercing and/or scar I've ever gotten, and I've found nothing that works. You just have to wait for it to shrink. On my ACL scar, my OS told me the only thing he could do was plastic surgery to try to make it look more normal. It's been 14 years and it's just now fading and flattening to the point that it isn't that visible.
  15. Whats an ACL scar?