How to shorten your Miu Miu long straps.

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    Here are pics of how to shorten the strap. Let me know if it helps or not:

    Step 1. - unhook one end of strap.

    Step 2. - thread strap through "O" ring that you just removed the clasp from.

    Step 3. - connect to opposite "O" ring (where the other clasp is located).[​IMG]

    Step 4. - both clasps should be on one "O" ring.

    Step 5. - this is how your shortened strap should look.[​IMG]
  2. That's a fantastic description. I would probably use it's own strap for my coffer...but if I knew that I could do for the bow satchel previously,I would have consider bow satchel too.

    miu2 do you prefer to use it like this or with its own shoulder strap for your coffer?
  3. Thank you so much Miu2. The instructions with photos help out A LOT! It all makes sense after seeing the pictures. Thanks again!
  4. Do you mean the braided strap? If so, no. I like to use the long strap doubled up this way for my everyday use and if I go somewhere (like Disneyland) I wear it long across my body so that my hands are free to do other things. :yes:
  5. since I found long straps/messenger bags (it's been several years I guess) I can't get away from them..yeah I am talking about the braided strap miu2 hmm I will try with the doubled long strap:smile: since you are the coffer expert hehe
  6. miu2, just wanna say your pics don work for the bow bag. The O ring isnt big enough so the rest of the hardware cant go through it. I still havent figured it out tho'.
  7. oooh thanks, can't wait to try that on my coffer!
  8. You're right Spendalot. I just tried it with my bow and realized that the "O" ring isn't an O. Sorry. :sad:
    This will only work for bags with larger "O" rings.
  9. you can do it with the d rings by taking the clip off the end of the strap and squeezing it through as my husband did this for me
  10. Thks Miu2 for yr illustrated instruction. I learnt another way to carry my new coffer.;)
  11. Yeah! This was the thread I was looking for! I am NOT a messenger strap kinda gal, so I wanted to shorten up the strap on my new Coffer. Thanks Miu2, oh Goddess of the Coffer. :queen:
  12. I saw someone did this on bow satchel. Today I received my bow satchel but I cannot do this on mine. The hardware connecting the strap cannot across the other. Anyone know how?
  13. For the bow satchel, you have to remove the actual clasp hardware from the strap first before you can string it through the D ring (if that makes sense), then reattached it after you pull the strap through. Good luck.
  14. I have the "One in, one out" rule with my bags (get a new one, sell an old one), so I wouldn't do this myself for fear of affecting resale later on, but you could take the strap to a good leather craftsman and have it cut shorter to suit you. Again, if you even think you'll ever sell it, you have to weigh that into the picture, but if you think this one is a keeper "until", I'd say get the sucker wacked off. ;)