How to ship Internationally with tracking...

  1. Hi- I was wondering if someone could tell me the best method to use to ship an eBay item overseas with tracking? I have been told everytime that i go to the post office that they do not offer tracking overseas but i know that is not 100% true.

    Has anyone used registered mail service with first class or priority mail ? Can you track registered mail?
    Also, what about USPS Express mail...i know it is very expensive but is it really worth it? I am only sending out a small shirt.
    Please let me know!
  2. Every time I ship Overseas, I use USPS Express Mail. It should come with tracking and signature. I always mail my packages in person and have the PO ring me up. I always ask them twice before I pay if the package that I send has signature and online tracking. Of course, it does. I hope that helps.
  3. If it's over $150, I always use USPS International Express. It's expensive, but it does come with tracking/signature confirmation. If it's a pretty cheap package, I just use International First Class or Priority (depending on what the buyer wants to pay for). In three years of shipping with the lesser cost method, I've only ever had one thing get lost, and it got returned to me after a few months of bouncing around somewhere. Of course, I sell on ETSY and not eBay, and there seem to be far fewer "problem" shoppers on ETSY.
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    At USPS, which is what I use, overseas rules and costs vary by country of destination. Sometimes you can get tracking but not insurance--there's "indemnity" built in, but it's usually for a very low amount. To get both tracking and insurance can get expensive, and some buyers specifically ask for cheaper service. I'll be interested to hear others' responses to learn more, myself.

    At the website, look up the options for the specific country you're shipping to.
  5. It seems like USPS express mail is the best way to go, too bad its not cheaper!
  6. For handbags, I only use Express Mail. For lesser cost items, only 1st Class Registered. The postal clerks tell me that Registered & Express are the only way to be certain & safe.

    The only time I have had anything lost was sending it Priority. Once it leaves our borders, the tracking becomes moot and you have to rely on the customs label #.