how to send by paypal shipping label?

  1. Hi ladies,
    im sorry for my stupidity, im kinda new of this thing..

    i just sold my books through eBay and I want to purchase paypal shipping label since people say it is safer..However, i do not know what I should do after filling out the form?

    I should print out the label, then?
    could you pls include any detail since i have no experience on this at all!lol!

    what about if i dont put the exact weight?
    my scale says it is 10lbs, but im not sure, since every scale has different measurement sometimes.

  2. I like to print my labels on my computer because you get a tracking number and the purchaser receives confirmation that you are sending what they've purchased. I've always just weighed mine the best I could with packaging and the postal service has always taken it so far. Good luck.
  3. Oh and listen what it says about not clicking OK until you are sure the label prints. And make sure you have the correct date that you plan to mail it.
  4. and what i have to do after i print the label?
    seal it on the package?or what?hehe
  5. Ditto to the PP.

    I tape mine on. I make sure the entire label is covered in tape, so any bad weather and/or handling wont ruin it!

    Oh, and your not stupid! :smile:
  6. ^thx:smile:
    and after that just put the package in any USPS mailing box?like that?

  7. Yep:yes: Very easy!:smile:
  8. ok okay!!
    thx a lot guys for ur help;)
  9. You weigh it then pack it? Wow I'm doing it wrong. lol. If you use one of the free priority boxes you have to mail it priority. So you can tape over the barcode?
  10. I use a flat rate priority box or a flat rate priority envelope!

    Yes, you can tape over the barcode, if its clear tape!
  11. Ya I accidently ordered flat rate boxes. I didn't think they would come in handy. Now I love them. Heck yes if you are in Alaska I bet they come in real handy. I mailed something to Alaska with flat rate. It got there in 3 days from east coast.