How to sell your Gucci Dionysus bag

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    I bought a Gucci Dionysus bag in the small size in beige. I absolutely love it. However, I am looking to sell it. I am not frequent on Ebay so my limit is $1,000. There is no way I am selling a bag I paid $3,079 for and wore 4 times for a $1,000 dollars. I've checked consignment stores and they are offering me $1,600 or so. I've listed it on Kijiji.

    What are your recommendations?

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  2. May I ask why you're selling? I have that bag on my wishlist for some time. I'm curious what feedback you'll get as I've never sold anything on Ebay. I reseller at the famous names FP, Yogis, etc, and depending on the bag, I have taken a big hair chop.
  3. You can try getting a quote Ann’s Fabulous Finds and Fashionphile. They will offer you a price and then you can see if it’s worth selling your bag or keeping it instead. These days with any bag you are not going to get back how much you paid for, that includes Chanel.

    I love the Dionysus it’s such a classic, may I ask why you want to sell it?
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  4. Get a quote from fashionphile. I’ve sold many bags to them. Good luck.
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  5. Sell yourself on Tradesy, Vestiaire Collective or Poshmark. You can also try the Facebook Gucci group. I’ve sold over 200 bags from my own collection over many years and have only had one problem. And even in that case I got my money reimbursed by PayPal. It’s worth the “hassle” IMHO to sell on your own and not take the huge hit from consigners / resellers.
  6. I agree. Get a quote on Yoogis, Ann’s Fabulous Finds and FASHIONPHILE. I just submitted a brand new CHANEL bag with all that you have listed. Box, dustabag, etc. Never used and got a quote for 72% of the retail price from FASHIONPHILE. I think that’s the best I will get. With my higher end items, I just would rather avoid the hassle of selling myself. I’m taking a loss but would rather put it toward a bag I will use more often.
    It’s tough to swallow, I know. My guess is that Consignment stores take the risk and hassle of selling it for you. Also, there’s a price threshold where someone would rather buy it used or go for them buying it new in the store for a certain amount more. Good luck!