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  1. #1 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, 2010
    I'm hoping that someone has advice for me. I tried to sell two purses -xxxxxx

    I tried selling them twice with the price of $15 with regular shipping charges. I was surprised that no one bid. I then removed it from Ebay since it would cost me more to auction it and I wasn't encouraged that anyone would bid on it if it was listed again.

    The purses were photographed well with detail and I directed people to sites that authenticate Kate Spade purses. Since I didn't get any bites, I was thinking that the the price seemed like too good of a deal. Anyone else have an experience like this? Do you have suggestions?

    At this point, I relegated both purses back to their bags in the back of my closet. It's a shame because I don't use them. I would feel bad if I were to just put them out on a garage sale. Thanks, Lil
  2. Have you tried Craiglist? Free to list and no fees. I have sold Kate Spade on there in the past and had no problems. I also sold an old Kate Spade Sam bag on eBay a few years ago and got $75 for it. I doubt it would get anywhere near this now, but you should still try. Maybe don't add the "bonus" bag, as most people probably don't want to bid because they don't want the extra. Take photos of the KS bag on its own with a nice background and list it for a BIN of $27.99 and $5 shipping.
  3. Just a heads up: I know you're new here (welcome to TPF!), but we're not supposed to post details (descriptions, prices) about the items we're selling or plan to sell.

    I would look at what other KS sellers are doing with listings, prices, etc. Do a bit of research. Look into "completed listings" using eBay's Advanced Search feature. Good luck!
  4. Lots of advice in this forum, please try a search. Also, please don't describe items you want to sell.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.