How To Sell on Ebay: TIPS

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  1. Since there is now a cool new eBay forum, I thought I would start a selling tips thread that everyone could contribute info too.

    *Use clean, clear text.
    -Do NOT type in all caps. No one likes to be shouted at :sad:
    -When describing an item, make sure you use paragraph breaks so that the description is easy to read. To seperate paragraphs, type the following without any spaces:
    < br >
    -Describe your item accurately. If you are selling an item "like new", the buyer is going to expect a new item. Describe EVERY single blemish no matter how small.
    -Include measurements, it only takes a couples minutes at the most to measure an item.

    *Take good pictures
    -Take pictures of the items from multiple angles.
    -Make sure the room, floor and background is clean. Avoid taking pictures of high-end clothing on a floor, as people generally do not like to purchase clothing that you would put on a floor.
    -To take focused close up shots, use the "macro" setting on your camera which is usually a flower symbol. This will allow your camera to focus on small details.

    *Consider using a "dress form" or mannequin. If you are selling a "new item", it's generally not a good idea to wear the item for the auction. Most people prefer not to see their new item "worn" A better idea is to invest in something called a 'dress form" It's a great way to give your listing a more professional look. Dress forms can be as little as $9 on eBay for a new one and they are very easy to assemble. You can find hanging ones or free standing ones in male, female, plus size or child size
  2. I had no idea dress forms could be so inexpensive!
  3. ^ yeah, me too. could you post a link to that?
  4. i hate it when sellers put "LQQK!!" on their auctions. i think it's so tacky and just really dodgy looking. i also hate it when the description is way too long and just full of a bunch of nonsense and large, colourful text. i think the best way to go about it is simple, yet concise, and to the point. no BS.
  5. ^ thanks ! :biggrin:
  6. great advice above :smile:
    I also always state that if anybody has ANY questions at all to just hit the ask a seller button.

    And although its a given. Always at the end of the auction state your terms. I always put that I expect the buyer to contact me within 24 hours of the finish and to pay within 7 days.
  7. I try to list so that it ends on Friday, since people are usually on more on that day !
  8. If you are selling a mass-produced item check completed listings on the same item for selling price to help price your items-people are not going to pay retail prices on eBay unless the item is rare or discontinued, but you want to get as much as possible. Also its fun to start auctions cheap and run them for 10 days you can always stick a reserve on it and for after the sale always ALWAYS use delivery confirmation and do not leave feedback until you receive yours from the buyer. I totally agree with Ayla about Friday-ending auctions also time of day is important as well-lots of people shop ebay from work so launching your auctions during business hours will help maximize final sale price and get you paid faster!
  9. *****If you would like some info on the most searched words in the category you plan on listing in, go to and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on "eBay Pulse"
    scroll to
    "See more eBay Pulse Categories..."
    From there you can search your category to find the words that people look up most when the search in Women's shoes or whatever.

    This is a very good point. It's also a huge waste of valuable title space because few people seach for "LQQK!!" lol. I always tell people to use every single space in their title with every applicable description of their item. For example:

    NIB Manolo Blahnik red heels shoes 37 7 pumps mary janes
  10. **Interesting! And for those of you that may not know this, if you have an eBay store you can actually see which day of the week (and even what time of day) your items sell the most.
    You just go to Manage my store and look in the Traffic Reports and the Sales Reports.

    **You can also view the top keywords that drove people to your store. For example, for me it was:
    "Turquoise Beads lot"
    "deer necklace"
    "8mm solid gold beads"
    "14k Wishbone Charm"
    "pop can opener"
    "bali beads"
  11. hmmm... "bali beads"
    love that sound! i'm from indo, and def. shopping lots of beads & jewelry whenever i go to bali.... i missed that island, it's been 5 months since the last time i went there :p

    i always stated too :
    don't hesitate to contact me for further questions or for more photos
    and i def. try to answer all questions as fast as i can :smile:
    (i always put smiley sign in the end of my auction description to be more nice & familiar :p)
  12. Using the "Best Offer" feature
    It allows buyers and sellers to negotiate price on Fixed Price and Store Inventory format listings.Adding a "Best Offer" to a listing allows buyers to make an offer on a listing. The Seller can choose to:
    -accept the price of the bidder
    -decline the price
    -make a counter-offer
    -allower the offer to expire on it's own (48 hours)

    Here are some tips in how to use "Best Offer" to your benefit.
    *Best Offer is available at no extra charge, so it's worth it to add it to your Store items to attract more buyers. The whole concept of ebay is to "bid and dicker" and buyers love to use this. If you decline their offer, they can still use the Buy it Now.
    *I basically view the "Best Offer" as a BIN. Buyers LOVE to get items right away. You can list your item at a fixed price and allow the bidders to make a best offer.
    *Choose a fixed price that is just a little bit higher, so that you have negotiating room when buyers make an offer. Don't be immediately dejected if you get a very low "best offer", you can make a counteroffer and most buyer's expect that you will counteroffer. Some categories allow buyers to make more than one offer (Jewelry, Autos, Business/Industrial)
    *Potential bidders cannot see the amount offered from previous bidders. They can only see if an offer has been declined, accepted, pending or expired.
    *As part of the offer, buyers can include a text message of up to 500 characters. The text field can be used by the buyer to tell the seller why she/he should choose that offer and explain why the lower price is fair. This text field also appears when you make a counter-offer to a bidder.
  13. Thanks Japster, that's a lot of valuable info and tips!