How to sell my Tivoli PM??

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  1. Hi guys and gals, I'm planning to sell my Tivoli PM which have been gently used only three times since I purchased it about a month and a half ago.
    But I don't want to pay the fees for ebay or paypal.
    So how should I do this?
    Is there any websites or places I can go to sell this bag locally?
    I'm in Toronto, Canada.
    Please help!! Thank you in advance.

    -And I don't know if this is the right place for this thread, sorry if not.:sweatdrop: -
  2. Too bad you are selling such a nice purse, having used it only 3 times.
  3. try craigslist
  4. or yahoo auction or ebay:yes:
  5. yes, craigslist is a free market, however, it will be slow moving over there when compared to ebay listings.

    i have two items on craigslist, going on one year.
  6. There's a consignment store in Pacific Mall, called Up2U, you can try there, otherwise Craigslist could be another option. Since you are selling, you will likely have to be prepared to pay for some fees, eBay is really your best choice since it has the most potential buyers.

    And also, just a reminder to those that are here to give suggestions - tPF does not allow buying or selling, so please do not suggest that. :yes:
  7. Thanks everyone~
    Since I need to go to Pacific Mall tomorrow, I'll check out that consignment store, and if not I guess I should go with ebay or craiglist.
  8. What ayla said.
    Also, if you're going to Up2U though, that woman is a tough negotiator so you're gonna have to negotiate a better price for yourself.
  9. yah.. I just came back from Up2U, she was pretty tough.
    She asked if I can leave my bag with her untill she finds someone who'll be interested in it, and told me that she can only pay me once the customer pays her. Unbelievable!!
    Is this how they usually do this kind of business?
    I mean.. How do I know if they are going to wear it themselves or make scratches or something?
    So she settled for taking some pics instead to show it to her customers.

    And... there was this other girl at the shop, she wasn't a customer, maybe the other sales person or a friend.
    Anyhow, she started touching my bag without asking then kept holding it in front of a mirror as if she was going to buy it or something.
    I was about to snatch it off her sweaty hands but she put it down as soon as she saw my crazy eyes. ;)

    So... I'm going to try craiglist and this kijiji site before going to ebay and see what happens. Thanks yall~
  10. ^Ugh.. what a crazy, especially with the sweaty hands. Good luck with your bag !
  11. May I ask why you are selling it?
  12. I have the Tivoli Pm too & really not feeling it that much. I had for a lil over a month & was thinking of selling it but decided to keep it since my hubby loves it.
    The best place for you to sell in my opinion is on Ebay. It's quick & easy minus the fee but that is what you have to deal with now & day.

  13. I'm sure her hands weren't that sweaty, BUT I always keep my hands clean for my bags so I just freaked out when her hands were all over it. Even if I was there to sell it, it is still MINE you know~

    And.. I'm selling this bag cuz the pleats are a little too much for me to handle.
    Yes, it's the pleats that make this bag look so pretty, I know..that's why I got this bag , but I'm a kind of gal who can't take good care of those little details.:Push:
    So... I'm planning to sell it so that I can buy something else that I can throw on anytime anyday.. maybe a 3rd speedy? :confused1:
  14. I know.. My bf loves it too, so he's convincing me not to sell it as we speak.
    My mind is set though..:P
  15. I think I understand what you mean. Good luck with selling your purse. I hope it works out for you and you get what you want!