how to sell LV on Ebay without getting scammed

  1. Hi girls,
    I'm a newbie here and dying for a ink baleniciaga first. I have couple of authentic LVs (never used trouville and used mini looping) I've wanted to sell on ebay for some time but I am terrified of being scammed. My fear is that someone will buy my bag then claim it's fake and send back a fakie. I think I read on here somewhere that some puts "tags" on their bags so that they know it's theirs should it be returned..can anyone elaborate? I really want to get them on so I can come up with some bbag spending cash. Does anyone have tips on selling on ebay?

    TIA for your help!!:flowers:
  2. I would do as Fashionphile (on eBay) does and attach a tag to the bags. The only way to remove the tag is to rip it off, so it would be impossible for the tag to be transferred to a fake one and still be intact.
  3. I buy wristbands at a party outlet and stamp them with my Ebay ID. It's cheap, and you have to cut them off. You can also decide not to sell to low feedback bidders, that'll help some. I used to sell to anyone, but I got burned by several recently.

    And welcome to the PF!! :flowers:
  4. Thank you so much for your help ladies!! Can you please tell me where I can get tags and what type of wristbands are they? Thank you!!
  5. i used an no return policy, and stated that the buyer need to be sure and ask all questions or doubt to me before. if they doubt, then please do not bid.
  6. Wow..really good tips..
    Thanks for sharing ladies !!!
  7. Hi
    Have been doing ebay (hobby) I have a strict no return policy, but put everything but the kitchen sink in my description. You know most of my things are bought by me retail, some from ebay. The ebay items are authenticated first before listing. And it helps that I have been extremely honest. If I got it on ebay, then I don't fudge; I disclose that. Unfortunately, I had to put something in there about rude, obnoxious questions, because some people really lack manners. I won't respond. Harsh?? Yes, but cuts down on the pool of flakes.
    There is nothing more insulting than someone insinuating that you are a thief, when you know perfectly well that you marched in a store and purchased the item yourself. In reality, I am actually very approachable and willing to work with people, but some people take advantage. It's sad. If you can't point to over 5 years of experience with excellent feedback, then what good is it? I speak for not just myself, but for many.
  8. That is an insanely smart idea. I think I will have to steal it! :graucho:
  9. great idea for those who are planning to sell on Ebay. :yes:

    i would also suggest using a UV pen. it won't be seen until put under a UV light. I usually write my name, phone and address using a UV pen in all of my precious LV pieces and gadgets (cellphones and PDA).
  10. Great idea about the UV pen! Where did you get yours?
  11. ^ i got the UV pen on Ebay :yes:

    it's invisible so the potential "scammer/thief" won't know that you've left a mark on your things. :P
  12. wow nice idea w/ the UV pen but its odd writing on a purse isnt it?
  13. actually, no it's not. i write it in the inside pocket or any part inside the bag. it's invisible anyway, you'll only see it under the UV light.

    the UV pen I bought is called INVIS-ID and it came with a small UV light and extra batteries.

    This is the exact same thing I got:

    eBay: Invisible Property ID Marker Pen Kit - Fast Shipping! (item 6052872945 end time Nov-16-06 06:31:20 PST)

    I bought mine a few years ago and it's still working until now. I use it to mark all valuables that I have. I remember it was only $20 when I bought it.
  14. wow i feel pretty naive. all this time i worry about buyers being scammed. i never thought of the trickery that seller's can face.

    yikes. great tips from everyone! good luck with your sales.