how to see just pics?

  1. Hello,

    I am new to this forum and would like to know how to proceed in order to check only pics in a thread.

    Thank you for your help!
  2. what do you mean ? what kind of thread?
  3. for exemple "hermes in action" I would like to see the pics whithout having to overview the 900 pages.

  4. well that's not possible... as we send in pics and everything everyday... unless we put some effort in a thread with pics only... it might be an idea...
  5. Thank you for your help, I will then continue to check page by page:rolleyes:
  6. yes, it is possible. look at the overview, where all threads are listed. In the space between the title of the thread and the date of it's latest entry, you'll see a paper clip symbol.
    Click that symbol and a window opens, displaying all the photos posted in that thread.
    Have fun!
  7. Thank you Maitai and by the way I saw your pics and you are really classy and beautiful!:yes:
  8. Oh my gosh, I never knew that...I just thought the paperclup was there to tell us there were photos included, I never thought to click on it....

    great tool for finding something in the reference library. Thanks MaiTai!
  9. Same here! This is great--thanks MaiTai!!!
  10. Does the paperclip capture all of the photos - or just photos attached in the body as "attachments"?
  11. MaiTai thank you thank you thank you! This is going to make a huge difference to me. I so often give up trying to locate pics in the threads.

    oh heck, they're in alphabetical order, not date order.
  12. What an eye opener! this should be posted in the general forum! I never knew !
  13. Me neither:smile: wow :smile:
  14. Just attachments, I think.
  15. Thank you so much. It's so nice to know. :flowers::flowers: