How to search for NM & BG Sale Bags

Oct 28, 2006
People are always asking how the sale bags are found. Aside from already having them bookmarked you can search Google for them. This is how I find most of the sale bags I have bookmarked. I've been using this method for over a year. It works!

1) Go to
2) Enter the following as your search: NOW
3) Add whatever designer you want after the word NOW.
4) You will find links to many sale items by that designer.
5) Open the links and bookmark them or add to your favorites in your web browser.
6) Check your bookmarks/favorites once in a while (or several times a day!) and you'll find that some become available again.


1) You can add the word BAG to narrow things down when you get too many results.
2) You can change to to search BG.
3) Add the word BOOT instead of bag and find sale boots by your favorite designer, etc.

P.S. Be creative. There are all kinds of things you can find this way including items/special sales removed from the site, but still available. Future sales. All kinds of things.