How to search for M/L flaps on the bay and bonz?


May 15, 2010
Maybe this thread is better suited for the ebay section, so mods, please do your job as you see fit :smile:

I want to look for some M/L flaps because I decided that my collection needs color, but I don't want jumbo sized colored flaps...I just want a pop of color

I can't justify buying new in store at the moment, so I want to find some on ebay or bonanza instead. With the jumbo, its easy to type in "jumbo" and find what I'm looking for. In the past, I would type "double flap" and come up with the M/L bags. But now that the jumbos are double flap too, it becomes hard to filter out the M/L only...

Do you ladies have any tips in terms of searching for M/L bags online? Thanks in advance for your help!