how to save my nappa 101?!!!!

Aug 21, 2009
hi all,
i absolutely miumiu nappa charm, and because i have been using it every day, its starting to get really shaggy looking. do you guys have any idea how i can freshen up the leather so it looks less dry? also, i can see discoloration on it!!! having no idea how it got there, but im just really upset about it!! feel so absolutely horrible for it to be in this state!!!

any ideas what i can do ?


May 19, 2006
SUN-shine-y island
The site recc by realbuyerhub is a good place to start looking. Barbara(owner of LMB) is great in answering mails so you might want to get advice on what to get. Which colour is your Nappa Charm? I am not sure if this is a given but all the dark colour Nappa Charm do tend to fade to almost white. It could be the leather's lack of absorbing dye. Have seen Zaffiro & Black Nappa Charm on 3 occassion fading(esp the top near handles). Also if you have Pervinca Blue(the washed out denim shade), it will yellow & look faded over time. But then again all light blue dye tends to behave the same way. I have a Pervinca Nappa & where I live is hot & humid & mine has started to yellow & fade quite a bit. When I compare the inside seams & the outer part of the bag, the difference is very obvious. BUT I love my bag that way, have always been attracted to the washed denim look of light blue leather bags.


Feb 3, 2008
Hi all,
I have the same problem as aurevoirkids with my Antico Nappa Charm. I bought mine in 2008 when Miu Miu first introduced Nappa Charm. It used to have a lovely lovely dirty pink color and great shine, but now it's shaggy in a way.. The color has faded away quite a bit, especially around the top handle area and the zip...It's also not as shiny as before... And it kinda looks dry, too!:crybaby:

I live in the UK and wonder if there's any service here that can help me restore the shine. I've been at a few local stores for luxury hanbag care, they told me once the color is faded it's difficult to get it restored and it's a different service than stain removal (which I already did).

I've heard about LMB, but are they really able to restore my handbag to the same color and shine as when I first purchased it? Since I don't live in the US and restoration costs quite a bit, I don't want to go for it unless I'm 100% confident about the result...

Any thoughts from anyone?